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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by danijelb, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Greetings.

    Two years ago I made small prototype, just to see how it goes, and to confirm all those talks about delicious smoked meat. After dozen recipes tested, although I'm not a professional cook, I decided to manufacture smokers for local market. Here are some pics, hope to get some feedback from experienced people in here.

    Glad to post for the first time.


    Realized the opportunity of marketing it, so couple of photos of commercial unit in initial build phase

  2. smokejumper

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    Hello danijelb, and welcome to the forums.

    Your prototype unit looks pretty good.

    I would only note that the firebox seems quite over-sized but that is not a problem.

    It would also perform better without the horizontal run and 90° elbow in the exhaust.

    Your commercial unit raises some questions.

    Are you planning to use tuning plates, or reverse flow, or hybrid?

    If going reverse flow, your door cutout appears to extend past the end of the RF plate unless you plan to add a domed end.

    Generally you want to have the racks over the RF Plate so that drippings do not fall to the bottom of the smoker where it is harder to clean.

    If your RF plate is removable it will not matter as much.

    I also note that your FB-CC opening is not the best shape, and it appears to be too high.

    I am assuming based on the curved top of the cutout that you are planning to use a round firebox.

    Whether going with RF or conventional tuning plates, it is best to have the top of the FB-CC opening be even with the RF/Tuning plates. The bottom of the cutout should follow the contour of the bottom of the CC.

    The shape of your cutout with the faceted bottom will create more turbulence and restrict flow.

    You may want to post a drawing of your design with dimensions so we can better evaluate any other potential issues before you get too far along.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Hello SmokeJumper,

    appreciate the welcome and the comment.

    As regards to prototype mini, you are right on both aspects. Nevertheless, fb was made deliberately over-sized, and is performing pretty good. The elbow was a quick-made mistake, and I will put a plenum as soon as I get some free time on my hands.

    Anyhow, I am satisfied with it, performing at steady temperatures up to 300F, easy adjustable with the lower dumpers, with half a chimney starter of charcoal.

    As regards to commercial unit, it will be classical offset with tuning plates ( will manufacture RF units as well..)

    FB-CC opening is positioned high and the reason is the grese-bridge. I will put baffle plate angled down to tuning plates.

    Yes, the fb will be also round.

    The fb-cc opening was calculated through feldoncentral, but, I do agree on the shape. Everything will be tested before the final welds, so will inform you on the development.

    20 by 44 inches cc, 20 by 20 fb, 1/4 thickness

  4. jcbigler

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    The small smoker looks nice.

    Is smoking meat a popular way of cooking in Serbia? What kinds of woods to you guys use over there?
  5. JCBigler thanks.

    That is just my family feeder, and low consumption recipe testing unit, made some 2 years ago out of old stock..

    Have learnt a lot in the meantime, but still using it, cause it works fine.

    Smoking meat is almost total mystery here in Serbia. I intend to change that. We do eat a lot of cold smoked meat though( ham)

    We have plenty of plum, cherry, apple, peach, pear etc.. and also oak.

    Thanks again for the comment.
  6. jcbigler

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    Always great to hear about the ways of American barbecue spreading to new parts of the world. And it sounds like you have some great smoking woods.
  7. Did pork shoulder, ribs, butt, chicken and ham on dozen of occasions, and although I'm an amateur cook, I can tell ya.. When I finish big unit, will conduct promotions all over. Even more when I manufacture trailer unit..
  8. smokejumper

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    Sounds like you know what you are doing danijelb.

    I would only suggest extending your FB-CC opening to a full football (American football) shape so that it follows the contour of the bottom of the tank and leave a section 1.5" to 2" high at the bottom for the grease bridge. The grease bridge should only be a back up method to prevent a grease fire in the FB if you forget to open the grease drain during a cook.

    With the great smoking woods available to you and your keen interest in promoting it, I am sure you will do well in this venture.
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  9. SmokeJumper,
    I gave this project some time.
    Yet, won't fully weld the unit till air/smoke flow and temps tested.
    I left 1.5 inches precisely for the bridge. I can easily reshape fb-cc with plasma, but want to test it first, cause it was done according to feldons calculator.
    Thanks for that last comment.

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  10. Four new smokers start with new pipe ID500mm ( 20 inches), 6mm ( 1/4). Marked and cut
  11. d
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    Very nice work! I like the template you have made to assist in making your cuts on the pipe, very smart thinking and excellent results. [​IMG]  It is great to know if I ever wander over to your part of the world, there will be delicious treats of meat and smiling people waiting! 
  13. If you ever'll be my guest. And, thank you
  14. Soo, one door per day.. going nicely.

    What do you think?

  15. smokejumper

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    You are making good progress.

    Doors look like they fit well.
  16. lendecatural

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    Very nice!
  17. LenDecaturAL thanks.

    SmokeJumper, actually doors sprung a bit. I'll finish other positions, then come back to them and fix with heat.

    Anyhow, I'm satisfied with the progress these past days.

  18. Cups, table/tea spoons came in..

    We measure completely different, but most of recipes I got from US sites and forums, so had to order those for the ease of use..
  19. jcbigler

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    Nice. I don't even have a set of measuring cups and spoons that nice.  


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