start of something yummy!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gethenet, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. If you look real can see sweetness!

    More to come!!!!!
  2. Watcha got in there?
  3. morkdach

    morkdach OTBS Member

    ready for more
  4. Its a secret![​IMG]
  5. Well the more will have to wait a bit......If im lookin Im not cookin right?[​IMG]
  6. After about 1.5 hrs
  7. morkdach

    morkdach OTBS Member

  8. chef_boy812

    chef_boy812 OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    now that looks sweet,
    I am still thinking on what to smoke for laborday.
    ribs are pulling ahead in my mind.

    keep us posted.
  9. should I do theses 2.5-1.5-1???
  10. pineywoods

    pineywoods Staff Member Administrator Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Looking at the pull back you've got at 1.5 hours I'd probably foil just after 2 if they pull back much more

    Oh they are looking good!!!!!!!
  11. 2-1-1-with babybacks!
  12. I just 2.5...they do look good...sorry...I forgot to take q-view..will have to wait til after foil....

    I figure I give them 1.5 hrs in foil...then finish them off unfoiled
  13. these are suppose to feed 5 people....Not sure what im going to tell them when they don't get any![​IMG]
  14. This is after foiled for 1.5.....they look a little to fall off the bone for me...but I will adjust next time. Leaving them on for about 30 min to stiffin up a bit I hope...
  15. Is that the mustard were seeing still?

    Looks great! [​IMG]
  16. carpetride

    carpetride OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks good!
  17. no...its just the rub I used...I didnt feel like making up a batch of Jeffs I picked up some of Emerals Rib rub....he uses 2 different color Paprika...and thats the result
  18. bassman

    bassman OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Good looking ribs! It's 6:00 AM and I'm ready to eat[​IMG][​IMG] .

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