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  1. ​I'm going to cut the smaller end off and use it as the fire box it is 20" dia  the length with fire box off is 48.5 long

    my calculation's are the fire box should 16.5" long correct me if I am wrong. it wont be reverse flow and will be using tuning

    plates. how high up into the cooking chamber should the fire box sit? I think I will angle the first tuning plate down so I can get the plates around 6" down from the cooking grills... some feed back would be great as I'm new to this ;)  
  2. So I've worked out the area of the throat to be 41.4690230274 so the over all height should be 4.695" and the width  12.875" . Am I on the right track?? @DaveOmak
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    The cooking chamber looks awfully long. 

    Are you going to run counterweights?     

    Being that long with no support in the middle, you will probably have lots of fun trying to get the door to line up and stop leaking.

    Your building a smoker, not adjusting the orbit of a satellite, so you don't need to go down to 10 decimal places on the calculations.

    The numbers are just taken from smokers that function well.  If it is 1-2% difference it won't matter much.

    You can use this calculator  

    I use an oval hole on my 20" smokers

    Can't remember how high up I mount it though.

    Good luck, looks like Kiwi's are finally moving away from watties tomato sauce and sausages. 
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  4. Haha We are not all into sausages and sauce I've been cooking on a wsm for 16 year😆 it looks longer in the photo the small door end is being removed and used as the firebox cooking Chamber is only 48" Thanks for you input appreciate it. And yes will be using counter weight
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  5. In my builds I use the calculator as a guide and then when I do my first few cooks I like to adjust the stack.  If the smoke is in the chamber too long you can get "stale" smoke and a bitter taste in the back of your mouth when you eat your product.  To increase the draft or flow through the smoke all you have to do is to add and induction fan, if you are going with a pit minder,  or increase the length of the smoke stack.

    On the other hand if the stack is too long you will use more wood and have a hard time getting temperatures low enough.  Just a few thoughts.  Hope it helps.
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