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  1. Caught the carpenter bug today and decided to build a little something for my MES30 to reside on. Considered buying some sort of a cart but decided that I had most of the lumber laying around that I would need except something for the top. Bought a quarter sheet of plywood from the lumber yard and after a trip to Harbor Freight for casters after I decided I wanted to be able to move it around easily and two trips to the hardware store for more screws I probably have about as much invested as I would have spent buying one. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I built it myself and I even managed to get all four legs the same length so it does not wobble, so that was good enough to warrant some pics on here!

  2. Looks nice. You might want to add a lower shelf or brace across the bottom. It is hard to beat home built verses made in China. You will be getting enjoyment for years to come.

    Happy smoken.

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    Cool , and yes , you don't want it doing the 'splits'.[​IMG]

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