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  1. could someone please answer a question for me. i have had a brisket on now for 18 hours at 225 i increased temp to 9am this morning the internal temp was 161 deg. now 6 hours later it is only 172 deg internal temp. is it common for a brisket to stall this long or take this long to cook?? it weighted 12lbs at start packer. any help is much appreciated. thank you, ryan
  2. smoke freak

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    Wait it out. Sounds like you got a stubborn one. Its up to you to be more stubborn. Dont raise that temp again! Q aint done till its done.
  3. doctor phreak

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    well set it
    it depends on certain factors
    1. the meat could be tough or just be that nightmare cut
    2. your temp gauge could be off ..i sugest pull it out and re-insert
    3. your smoker gauge could be off
    what i would do is wrap in foil and let it go for a couple of more hours and see what it is like then.....
    18hrs does seem a little long but it can happen ...just hang in there it well happen eventually
    hope this helps
  4. jack2u2

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    Seems like an awful long time for a 12 lb. brisket. Are you sure your thermometers are accurate? Most briskets will stall around 165, but a brisket your size should be up and going. Other than that, unless you got one tough old cow, I'm at a loss. Wrap in foil, double check the therms, and wait for 195 - 200. Let me know how it turns out. I'm curious about this!
  5. smoke freak

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    12# at 1.5 hours/pound comes to 18 hours. Tell me if my math is wrong but you arent too far off schedule. This thing could finish up any moment. Wont take too long once you pass the stall. Foil was mentioned and that will hasten your cook time a bit but thats a personal choice. Some dont do it.
  6. erain

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    if you are sure of your thermo than wait it out, i dont even bother with the formulas for time, i had a butt i did that threw me for a long plateau and i learned then allow time for the smoke. sometimes they can be unpredictable timewise. the only thin that is solid is temp.
  7. krusher

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    hang in there man, it'll be done shortly, as said earlier 12 x 1.5 = 18, its just a ballpark figure, but it sounds like it's gonna take its sweet time.

    Go on inside and get your sides ready and make a sauce, play on the internet, and before you know it it'll be done.
  8. bmudd14474

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    Remember the smoking motto. Low and Slow. Unfortunately Slow can be SLoooooooooowwwwww
  9. thank you guys all for your help just pulled half out at 185 very tender and not at all dry. the thermometers are correct i have modified my smoker propane so it stays the same temp all the time and my maverick and mercury thermometer all showed the same thanks again for your help. i put the briskets in foil at 174 it has really sped thing up without sacrificing quality i belive thanks again.
  10. smoke freak

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    Patience pays off once again! Congrats on the good eats. Points!

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