stainless coloring?

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by 84fireman, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Planning to fab my own stainless grill/smoker. My question is, i was thinking of polishing it up nice, but im worried about discoloration from the heat. I will be making it from 1/4". Otherwise i will just paint it with high temp. Any comments?
  2. Hello.  WOW!!  1/4" stainless!  Mucho Dinero!, know what I mean Vern?  [​IMG]   Be sure to post some pics of the build!  I don't THINK 1/4" would discolor at the temps we are talking about.  IF it were me I would build it, do the burn in seasoning and see what happens.  If all is well, polish it.  I am NO paint expert but I think painting stainless will also present problems.  Good luck!

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    I know, mucho. But i am using drop from at work and they only charge scrap weight price. Otherwise It would be thinner choice. And thank you, i like your idea! Thanks! I will deffinatly post pics along the way.
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    Well i have the cook chamber all tacked up. Gonna work on welding it up tom. Will post pics of the progress. Ended up using 3/16 material. Hope it will hold the heat....
  8. There is what I call "acid" products that will remove the discoloration form the welding process.  I would assume that you could use the same stuff.  

    Sorry, can tell you what it's called.  I just know that some fabricators I worked with in the past used it on 1000's of pounds of stainless on a  ocean front job site.   

    Check with the welding supply companies.

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    It won't polish stainless, but Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will definitely do the trick to remove discoloration and oxidation. Little trick we use at work here to clean parts for customers.
  10. 84fireman

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    Im just wondering if it is worth all the trouble or if i should just paint it. Trying to see if others that have stainless cookers have had any issues with them coloring from the heat. I have no issues doing some polishing here and there. But i dont want to have to polish it after every time i cook.
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    Stainless in the elements will take a lot of polishing if you want it to shine.

    Painting stainless can be a pain, you almost have to etch it to get it to hold paint, and I"m not sure how the high

    temp paints would stick to it.

    Personally, a real smoker, needs to look like it smokes!! A little smoke stain here or there are the signs of a well used smoker!!
  12. caspian

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    DO NOT PAINT. that will be endless maintenance. The stainless will turn a light orange, but that's not a bad thing.

    Also, line the base and sides with firebrick. that will insulate and minimize discoloration. On the bottom of my firebox, there are firebricks lining it and you can touch the bottom after a days worth of smoking.

    When I first made it, i "finished" it by using a scotchbright pad on a 7" grinder. made for nice swirls.

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