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  1. Hello everyone, I have a master forge vertical charcoal smoker and it only has two racks in it. Is it ok to stack a pile of ribs on each grill so that I can smoke 4-6 whole ribs racks cut in half at once ?
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    You can get "rib racks" that will hold the half rack of ribs nicely. I have one and it works fine and gives you the ability to put more in at one time. Got mine at Lowes but have seen them at Walmart, Home Depot, and other places. I think they hold 4 or 6 half racks, not sure of the amount
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    Ive seen several here roll their Ribs to get a fit ...that being said , you could cut the Ribs , and they would come out well also.

    I've used stacking when using a small Smoker and no room , however it takes longer to finish and a lot of baby-sitting. JMHO.
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    You won't get smoke penetration where meats are touching each other.   It will also make the ribs cook unevenly.
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    ^^^ What Demo said.^^^

    I do stack ribs when I foil (Step #2), but never when smoking (Step #1).

    Like mentioned earlier---Might look into Rib racks.

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    Rib Racks are Cheap and work well. Look at the size of the rack to make sure they fit your shelf. Some are really big...JJ
  7. Thanks for the help, I'm going to look Into some racks at lowes and walmart.
  8. Masterbuilt has great Rib Rack.  I have 2 of them and use then both, often.  I picked these up at the Local TSC store

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