St. Louis style ribs

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  1. Going to smoke some St. Louis style ribs Sun I have always smoked BB marinating in apple cider and garlic over night adding rub the next morning and let come up to room temp. Then smoking doing a 3,2,1 . Does anyone have any tips figuring 225 to 235 smoking with apple chips is it good to let rest being it's thicker 6 lb not sure how long around 6 7hrs? Also I seen a notice

    hope I am posting in the right spot E-man Meat Smokers Forum. Any input would be really appreciated.

  2. mdboatbum

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    Dude, just relax and do what you know. 3-2-1 will get you fall off the bone tender ribs at those temps, which is in the ballpark. Everyone will like them, and if you want a different texture next time play with the time in the foil as that's the part that tenderizes them the most. Most importantly relax, have fun and enjoy your guests.
  3. :yeahthat: Sounds like you're on the way to having some tasty ribs. Do what you know.
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    You'll be fine ,Steve. @ 225*F , 6hrs. is sufficient :

    Watch for 'pull back' , and

    'bend test'

    You should have good bite off the bone , delicious Slabs.

    Have fun and . . .
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    [​IMG]  some fine looking ribs I'm hungry

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