St Louis Ribs, Previously Frozen, Moist & Tender (sale ends 4/1/14)

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  1. A local Kroger Chain (Frys) has St Louis Ribs on sale but they are previously frozen. Purchase one package, get 2 packages of equal or lesser value FREE. Sounds like a good time to buy for future smoke but what do you think of the "previously frozen" part. I think it read "partially thawed vacuum packed packageing.
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    I've smoked those SLC "previously frozen" cryovac packed ribs plenty of times.  Always good.  Definitely stock up, especially if the price is $3.99/lb or less for the one you have to pay for.  I've seen that same deal at $2.99/lb but that was in the summer season.   
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    Wonder if they really could be re-frozen....especially since they are vacuum packed?

    That sounds like a great deal getting 2 free. I bought some over Memorial Day that Fry's had for $1.99 a pound - even got a rain check since the stores sold out in a flash at that price!!
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    I don't know if they should be froze again maybe somebody will see that knows for sure.
  5. They were cryovac packed, I bought 3 packages but they were not that great of a price really, $7.99 a lb. divided by 3= 2.66 so not bad. I froze two and will smoke one in the next day or two. Guess I will find out how it works to re-freeze when I do the remainder.

    Thanks to all who shared their thoughts.

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