Squash Stuffed with Smoked Turkey w/ Tasso Cream Sauce

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by foamheart, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Sounds complicated but smoking the turkey was truly the hardest part......LOL I smoked a delicious juicy smoky turkey yesterday and had some in the reefer.  So I see a couple a white squash, which are my mostest favorite thing when fried!! I think to myself I bet Pop would like healthy!

    Pull out the squash, wash, and in a big pan of water immerse the squash whole and par-boil for 15 to 20 mins. depending upon the size. If they are semi-firm they are ready. Remove from the water, cool, dry. Remove the button cap at the top, using a 2 tbs scoop remove the seeded section from within. Try not to punch holes.

    I chop some turkey meat, add some red bell pepper, chopped chili's, chopped mushroom, chopped boiled egg, chopped green onion which I render in a tasso flavored oil. I combine with some panko crumbs, season with garlic, sea salt, ancho pepper.

    I dust the inside of the hollowed out squash with Cajun spice, then stuff. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 till the edges start to brown. Remove to plate. Cover with tasso cream sauce, put the cap on top, and serve.

    See I told you, its simple.


    After cutting the squash, this is a hard picture to get......

    Tossed Salad, Broccoli to round out the plate. This has got to be a healthy meal, the only thing that could be considered bad would be the cream sauce. Everything else ranks just on slot on the gauge above warm water. 

    Thanks a lot checking it out. Don't forget how wondering leftovers can be!

    BTW This is of course ZOMG awesome..............

    Oh yeah, my openers were the smoked turkey.   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/164910/thanksgiving-in-june-why-not#post_1196491
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  2. Hello Foam.  Another great looking meal served on the fine china.  [​IMG]   Thanks for posting another how to.  Keep 'em coming.

  3. Foamheart, your posts are such a treat!

    And I am sure that anyone who sits down to your table can taste all the passion and effort and amazing skill!

    This is very clever! Great job!

    Cheers! - Leah
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    Good morning, Kevin!

    So I sit down to SMF this morning to try and catch up on all the great threads I've missed because of school, and the first thread that catches my eye is yours!

    I was looking at the bear view of your squash and trying to figure out the variety.  Is it a white patty pan squash?  I've never thought of parboiling and stuffing one of those….sounds delicious!  

    The whole meal looks great, but I especially like the look of that tasso cream sauce!!  I'm going to have to do a search and see if I can find your recipe on it now. [​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!
  5. foamheart

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    You are most welcome and Thanks Danny, I will see if I can find you a set like my good china, 'course it wouldn't be as old.
    Awwww shuckins....... I like pure and simple. Pulled pork, smoked fowl, etc etc....... but when you can take a good smoke and add it to something else you know is good, it just excites the palate.

    Here's a shrimp stuffed squash w/ some type of béchamel or Mornay sauce. I like the idea of using cured meats in a béchamel or in a Mornay. It just adds an extra level of flavor and compliments nearly any dish. Andouille, Tasso, Bacon just excite water, think what they would do to a sauce!

    It looks good with just the shrimp stuffed in the squash, but at a sauce..........!!!

    I didn't know about the smoked turkey, but since I knew I liked smoked turkey and I liked stuffed squash it wasn't too much of a stretch to put 'em together.

    Thanks a lot for the compliment, I do really appreciate it
  6. foamheart

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    We just always called 'em white squash in the south. They are more flat with a mellower squash taste. I know that sounds stupid but seriously I can't stand yellow or crookneck squash but I like zucchini and Love the white squash. And when sliced and slowly fried, people will stand in line for them. Sister says she used to cook 'em for her kids, and hid one for her so after they went to bed she could fry her some. LOL I do love the white squash. Squash should be a whole food group, just old gourds. Hot soup, cold soup, sides, main course, breads,........ Hmmmm can't  think of a squash dessert.

    Tasso cream sauce, I don't know I ever posted it. I'll have to think on it.  

    Summer Squash, Patty Pan Squash, Scallop Squash 'White Bush Scallop'  Cucurbita pepo

    We slice 'em thin seeds and all, roll in cornmeal (of course, this is the south) and fry on medium low heat in a skillet with just a tablespoon of oil till golden brown. The squash meat turns almost translucent with a  crispy crust. I promise you if you try them, lock the doors, turn the security alarm on, take the phone off the hook and don't invite anyone you don't really love cause they will be eating YOUR squash!  LOL......  Put the dogs outside cause no one loves there dog this much.
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    Yumm!!! That looks fantastic Kevin! Great meal to use leftover turkey! Points!
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    Looks great, but I dont know if it is that simple.    

    Well for me anyway.
  9. foamheart

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    Thank you Case, I like squash, I hate boiled crookneck yellow squash.... you can add bacon , onions, tomatoes and a pinch of sugar and I still hate yellow squash. White squash, green squash, orange squash, every color of squash except yellow is great and so easy to take to another higher level with little or no imagination. Easy to grow (they are gourds!), light on the wallet, long growing season, heck the ever make loufa's with 'em....LOL
  10. foamheart

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    Sure it is, you just gotta take the plunge. Its hard to screw up, like smoking, it just takes 5 mins. longer to transform. I learned to par-boil the squash because if I didn't it doesn't get past the crunchy stage just baking it. I tried cooking in a casserole with some water in the bottom and tried with tin foil. Nothing works as easy as, the par-boil. It just took a couple a times to figure it out. Everyone knows a stuffing or dressing they like. Heck you can even but pre-packaged stuff.

    I found these very tastee a few years back when I was living outta suitcase and always running. This is how all the squash stuffing started. 1/2 a zucchini hollowed out and a mix.


    Then I figured out I was wasting money. Everyone can do this with simple basic skills and do what you like.

    Then.......... Adding smoked meats complimented with cured meats..... how can it not be good?
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    Hey, Kevin. What a great meal. Soon we will have to start calling you Foamheart the Healthy! 

  12. foamheart

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    Just as long as you call when you're cookin!!

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