"Spring can't come fast enough #&}@!" - Chicken/Mango/Jalepeno

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jtnf, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. jtnf

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    A few years ago, towards the end of another brutal winter, I asked my HR department to allow me to throw a "Spring can't come fast enough dammit!" BBQ lunch.

    They insisted I change the last word to a cartoon swear but otherwise OK.

    And so a tradition was born.

    This is the 3rd annual.

    In previous years I've made pulled pork and spatch-cock chicken, but some don't like the smoke (I know, I know... heathens!)

    This year I've decided to do sausage (this will be my third foray into sausage, and my first with Chicken.)

    In order to appeal to a larger crowd, I've opted to go with Scarbellys' Chicken Jalepeno Mango recipe here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/107387/chicken-mango-jalopeno-sausage-revisited-with-recipe

    I'm definitely going to do some fresh, but am wondering about curing and smoking... How does Chicken sausage stand up to being cured and smoked, and how does the sweet and heat stand up to smoke?

    I imagine that smokey and sweet is a difficult balance to achieve - It certainly is in my favorite Ilays' :D

    --Edit: Man oh mandinga... I blame the new keyboard for the spelling errors!
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  2. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

    Well, I decided to cure half of the sausage per the package instructions on the Cure #1 - "A scant 1/4 teaspoon per pound of meat"

    Exact recipe as Scarbellys, with smoked salt and smoked black pepper for the "salt & pepper to taste"

    Will be stuffing shortly.

    Fiesta Meat! Colorful.

  3. driedstick

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    That looks good.
  4. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

    The smell while resting in the fridge is PHENOMENAL. Casings have been rinsed a bunch of times and are now soaking in a dilute lemon juice/water solution.
  5. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

    Suffered several blowouts but all in all I'm getting the hang of this sausage making thing.

    Watched some videos on YouTube to figure out a two-up braid. Definitely neater than draping around a rod.

    There are some old school pro butchers on YouTube who manage a three-up braid at a ridiculous speed.

  6. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

    Smoked for a few hours with a small heat source, temp in the 140ish range then turned up to 300 cabinet temperature and pulled when the IT hit 160ish.

          Broiled a number of them to take to my office function tomorrow. They hit 200 IT far faster than I would have expected, but were VERY juicy nonetheless.

  7. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

      Oh - the lemon juice seems to have done it's job - Excellent "snap" and mouth feel.
  8. Those look really good! Nice job on the sausage linking.
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  10. woodcutter

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    A lot of effort and it shows! Nice job!
  11. chef willie

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    looking great.....xlnt job on the braids. I'll make sure to check out U-tube for the info...thx
  12. ddt79

    ddt79 Fire Starter

    Chicken sausage is one that I have yet to try.  I think it's time!  Nice Braids.
  13. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    Nicely done!  Looks better than any I have seen in a while!  Great work!!![​IMG]
  14. jtnf

    jtnf Smoke Blower

    This was the video that led to the simple 2-up braid:

    To be perfectly honest, Phil The Butcher kind of frightens me a little. I still can't figure out how he's doing this!

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