Spoon Roast Sunday!!!

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  1. Picked up a 2.5 lb. spoon roast from our local Festival Foods. I knew I wanted to just use SPOG, but I thought I'd try something a little different. I had some lemon infused olive oil I thought might be a nice addition. This stuff was from a local oilery here in WI. It's usually used for bread dipping..and it is so good! It has quite potent lemon flavor which I thought might be a good addition to the smoke. I'm using apple wood for the chunks.

    Has anyone ever used anything like this? It probable won't have an impact on flavor, but i figured it couldn't hurt right? it sure smelled like citrus as i took it out of the plastic wrap! And here's a picture of the side dish, taters, peppers, onions, garlic salt, pepper, butter...yum!

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    Wow, that looks great. I'll be watching for further Qview!


  3. Thanks!

    I think I'm going to bring it to a int. temp of 138 then let it rest. I like a good med. rare, so we will see. I searched and could only find a few threads about spoon roasts, guess it's probable similar to other roasts. More pics to come! [​IMG]
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  4. That sounds like it will be great![​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  5. Spoon roast must be a WI thing? I have done a few of them but nobody on here (besides us sconnnies) knew what they were!
  6. Alright, Q- view coming up! This was truly a delicious meal! Everything turned out fantastic! It came out very moist and juicy.

    In smoker til temp of 138 degrees was reached. Let rest for 1 hour until taters were done, dinner was served! Not shown was the Texas toast, as I ate that first


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    To quote my French Canadian friends, c'est magnifique! Great job!

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    Yummmm....beats my italian sausage tonight!

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    That looks good. How did the lemon infused oil work out for you? I have only used it as a finishing or salad oil. Never cooked with it.
  10. The lemon fused oil was a great addition! All throughout the smoke I could smell a subtle citrus smell. And the flavor on it was great as well, not overpowering, but you could definitely taste it. Highly recommended!
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    That sure looks great along with the nice sides.  Being a vintage butcher [retired] and not knowing what a spoon roast was [here in Minnesota] it looks to me like a beef boneless arm roast. i do like to guess cuts at times for it sharpens my memories. Been retired since 2007.  Realy nice job on that meat. Reinhard
  12. Thanks for the compliments all!

    The bad part about having a meal turn out great is you can't wait to make another one! My life is starting to revolve around the smokes! Lol! "...Sorry honey, I can't do that thing you wanted to do...I have to tend to the meat!"
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    I will have to try it some time. I did try to add orange zest to my rib rub once at home. It did not go over well. I think I would have been received better if i yelled BOMB!!!!! They still give me a hard time about it. I will try the lemon oil. 
  14. Looks great!!! I had to look up "spoon roast" and found it's a sirloin roast. 
  15. I guess it is just in Wisconsin. I'm originally from Minnesota, the home of the not so great Vikings...this year maybe. I've not heard of a spoon roast. What else is it called?
  16. I googled it and found it's a sirloin
  17. Top sirloin butt and top butt are a few different names that it is called by
  18. It's time for another installment of Spoon Roast Sunday!

    This time I picked up a burgundy pepper marinated spoon roast. Not knowing how to leave well enough alone, I covered it in all of the ingredients you see in picture 2 and it smells amazing! In the smoker at 3:00, stay tuned for Q-View!

  19. Well Sunday is over ..where's the rest of the story and qview Jkarisny?

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