Spicy Turkey?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kandl, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. We are having Thanks Giving with my wifes side of the family this weekend.  We have a small whole turkey and two bone-in breasts that I am going to smoke.  I want to do the whole turkey and one breast with a pretty tame SPOG seasoning maybe a little poultry seasoning. nothing spicy.  The other breast I want to kick it up a notch.  Maybe something Cajun style or perhaps a Buffalo smoked turkey with some Franks in the brine?  Anybody have any unique ideas for really turning up the excitement in one of these breasts?
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    First, I would detour from the ( off the shelf )  seasonings ; like Cajun , Texas , Montreal , most of these ( whatever the flavor ) generaly have a lot of Sodium and for most of us that is a no,no. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Go to a Spice Specialty store ( if you have one close enough to go to ) , or mail order for the items you want. They will last a year ( and that's stretching it ) . Try to order as many Whole Spices you can get and grind the amount you need to get the flavor. The Store will gladly ship the requied amount of Spices you may need for your Recipes ( good rotation on the Spices is appox. every six months) , you should have no trouble getting the 2-3-4 Oz. of say , Salt ( Sea or Kosher ) .

    There will most likley be more to chime in and add to the hint/list.

    However you go with it , have fun and . . .
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    Inject it like Scarbelly wings! Franks and creole butter, we do that all the time on chicken thighs, breasts and even a whole chicken. Turned out great!
  4. Oh yeah!  I just looked up scarbelly wings and I like that!  I think I will brine everything in the same brine then inject and season the "spicy" one just like that!  my mouth is watering all ready!  

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