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  1. I keep adding more and hotter peppers (dry, sauce, extract, fresh) and I can never get anything really spicy.   I've even tried ghost peppers.   No matter how spicy I make either marinade for jerky or brine for ham, I can't get the meat to really hold the taste.

    Of course it is spicy to some people but it seems like there is only a hint of the spices left when it comes out of the smoker.    Smoke flavor on the other hand comes out very strong.

    Any ideas?
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    try dusting them when you put them in the smoker or half way through the smoke.
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    I got no clue the ghost chilies should have lit fire. I like hot stuff but them ghost chilies are over the top on heat.

    A buddy of mine got some ghost chili powder and put a very small amount in a batch of chili. That chili was [​IMG]hot.

    I have made chili with habaneros before and the chili with ghost powder was way hotter then that.
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    Wow man your taste buds must be shot. That seems like an awful lot of heat.
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    Try doing an emulsion with a bit of oil and injecting the meat before smoking.  I am wondering if most of the powders you are using are just falling off the meat.   I'm willing to be if you inject and make a sauce that you mop on toward the end you'll find the heat you are looking for. 
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      Just avoid hot food for a month or two it will restart your taste buds.
  8. I think you're right about the dry spices falling so I tried injecting it. That worked but still, it is only a hint of the original flavor. I tried basting the meat a couple of times and that has more impact. Of course the easiest thing is just to douse the jerky with some hot sauce after it's done. I found some great sauce that really is hot.......but it really should have an even stronger warning. I literally almost killed my father in law with this stuff. http://www.hotsauceworld.com/maddog357ghp1.html

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