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  1. Where is a good place to buy spices. Or is spices all the same? All information welcomed. Thank you all
  2. good place is Atlantic spice company based out of Truro mass
  3. I'm sure others have suggestions but I will suggest check around to see if there are any spice shops around where you are.

     Please bare with/forgive the somewhat long winded response.

     This post reminded me to check to see if the spice shop located in the historic section of town had a web site. I had heard a few years ago they had really good prices. Man, do they ever ! I had checked the prices of a couple of things I might want for sausages at the grocery. Examples are Mace and Rosemary. Grocery wants $6-7 for 3/4 oz. Spice shop wants about $2 for a full oz. They do have a website for on-line sales BTW.

     I really don't want to post the web addy in open forum as it is frowned upon, and I've pushed that button enough for awhile. A little detective work given my location in my profile may help you find them if you care to spend a few mins with Google. I'm hoping you can find one local and avoid shipping charges.
  4. A few of places I order bulk spices from:

    Mountain Rose Herbs

    Frontier Coop

    San Francisco Herb Company

    Spicely Organics
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    I get most of mine from the sausagemaker.


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