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  1. Does anyone have a good reliable company to order spices in bulk from? I had a great location in the Italian Market in Philladelphia but they are having some red tape issues with the city. So as a result I need another place to buy good quality spices in bulk from.
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    Hi Ray - there used to be a place in Reading Terminal Market years ago - not sure if they are still there.

    Where in SE PA are you?
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    I use americanspice.com
    and butcherpacker.com
    butcher packer has great prices and american spice is a littl more pricey
    but has a few items that butcher packer does not.
    I also buy bulk spices at Resaurant Depot
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  5. Check out spicebarn.com ,they are just outside Columbus Oh. you can buy spices in 50 lbs. bags. real nice people. I've emailed them with a question in the morning and they got back with me in the afternoon.
  6. Glen Mills, Delaware County Pa.
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    Penzeys is great. They have mail order as well as storefronts
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    Penzeys has the absolute greatest quality of herbs and spices.
  9. Thanks Everyone! I think the Spice Barn looks the best so far.
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    I just found out about this place today from a co-worker. It turns out they have a store front in Grand Central Station in the marketplace which is a block from where I work in NYC. I ended up buying a few things and the q-view I posted earlier of my chicken salad included chipotle I just bought there today! They have a nice selection and good prices - next time I'll see if mail order to NJ is cheaper than paying NYC tax though since they don't have any NJ locations.
  12. Going to try butcher&packer
  13. Try Sfherb.com based out of San Francisco. Great prices and great people..

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    Spice specialist! spicespecialist.com. They have everything and its a family owned business with incredible customer service. I am lucky enough to be near the warehouse. It's like Disney world for spices.
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