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  1. bought some rosemary, and some bay leaves, and some other spices that will not make it threw the smaller holes in the shaker (SALT SHAKER) will a spice grinder or a coffee grinder, grind these up small enough to go threw the small holes in a shaker.

  2. I have a dedicated coffee grinder that I use for spices all the time. It can turn spices into a power, if that's what you want. If you want something a little more coarse, be careful not to pulse it too many times.
  3. Thanks TomLC i think thats what i am looking for. so if i want it powder, i can get that, or if i want it more course i can get that also.

    Thanks again,

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    That's correct.

  5. Take a look on Amazon for coffee grinders. I found a coffee grinder for $3 and change. Works great as my dedicated spice grinder with every spice. From hard peppercorns to parsley.

    If it breaks/dies, it was only $3 and paid for itself in the first few uses.
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    I just got a new mortor and pestile from Esty. Its 8" stone. I figure it should handle anything I need done.

    Of course that means in a week I'll be looking for another powered one....LOL

    BTW it also means soon to be made, real creole mustard!

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    I use a cheap-o spice grinder I picked up from the grocery store.  Works great!

    But what I think you need is something with bigger holes.  Look for a shaker in your grocery store where they sell utensils and pots.  You'll find something there.

    I just use an old rib rub bottle.  I take the label off and wrap some colored tape around it so I know what it is.  You could write on the tape, too, if you have a couple of mixes.
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    Danny the bay leaves may be a little hard to grind,just a suggestion cut the leaves a little smaller. I just bough a jar of ground bay leaves,it is like powder

  9. thanks fellows for all the info


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