Speck recipe?

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  1. I have a German friend looking for speck. I'm having a hard time finding a cure recipe and don't want to wing it as I've never had it myself.

    Any recipes you'd like to share?
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    This is all I could find on it:

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    1. speck

      Quote: Originally Posted by africanmeat  And what cut is this originally. I get the speck  part...
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    2. Do you know SPECK?

      The cool thing about this piece is it is a complete salt cure. Salt and salt mineral are all you...
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    3. Schulterspeck/Speck  di Spalla/Shoulder speck

      Quote: Originally Posted by AHAKOHDA  I would love to know the recipe for curing. Also what do...
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    That's the best I can do, as to PA Dutch people in my area "Speck" was Leftover Fat they put out for the birds.

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    It would be helpful to know what your friend means by the word "Speck". Does he want to prepare German, Italian, or even Austrian speck

    German speck covers a range of items ranging from bacon to smoked fatback. Italian speck, a specialty of far Northern region of the country known as the Alto Adige which borders Switzerland and Austria, is most commonly the boned hind leg of the hog prepared in a manner similar to prosciutto, though it's lightly smoked for an extended period of time. Austrian speck, from the far Southern region of the country is similar to the Italian version with a few subtle differences.

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