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  1. jim williams

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    pretty sight...


    real racks next week..



    neighbors asking for dinner time..

    Well hats off to Wes Walter! I followed his direction with a twist and it came out unbelievable!!

    I still have to learn to smoke on the vertical rather than offset as previous but I do not see this as a disadvantage but more of an efficient way of going wood fueled smoking. I had asked Wes to many times the repeated questions and he was there for me, what a man he is and is welcome to my home any day to see this creation run!

    I absolutely love this investment and would not turn back to my other tin can smoker. I am not worried of the money spent or the countless labor involved when you have the flavor of none other at your access!

    Thank you Wes Walter, I would not have done this without you and I am eternally grateful for your precious time!

    Sincerely, Jim Williams 
  2. wes w

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    Jim,  I'm just common folk in our  little corner of the world.  Just a shack in the mountains,  with an outdoor setup.  Just trying to help anyway I can for the sake of awesome smoked goodies.

     Thank you sir for the kind words

    As you get used to your smoker, you'll figure out how "it" wants to smoke.  From there, you will be able to get away for short bits on smoking day.  You sir will get flavor that none other can master.   Meat  over a flame can't be touched by anyone.  Same would apply for a wood fired oven.  I only wish you  the best!    I'm glad I could be a small part of  your awesome build.

    My hats off to you sir.   A job well done!!

  3. b-one

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    Congrats on getting food on the new smoker! It's a nice build enjoy it!
  4. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Thanks buddy!
  5. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Thanks to you also Mr. !!

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