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  1. yount

    yount Meat Mopper

    Ok I realy wanted to try yoshidos after all the good things i read from ron and others I could not find it near me or in texas while i was there for the holidays.So I made a post in the exchange section then I realized we dont have any good bbq stuff here the only rubs are grill mates sauces the big name mass produced stuff nothing specaial got some good local brews here so me and scarbelly are gonna do a exchange very soon but AMMJR sent me 2 bottles And i recieved them today so i just had to try it yummy.The kindness and knowledge and genorosity of the members here is top notch.I am proud to be a member of this forum.Thanks again to AMMJR,scarbelly and all the members who replied to my thread and all the members that posted there knowledge here.Oh heres some y-view.
  2. mballi3011

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    So what did you think of the yoshida's sauce?? I'm really glad you got the help that you needed and thats what this place is for.
  3. yount

    yount Meat Mopper

    I like it my little girl loves it says it tastes like her favorite Chinese chicken the real test will be this weekend when i can do a chicken on the smoker
  4. scarbelly

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    I am heading by the Costco tomorrow to pick yours up - do you want me to hold off for a bit?
  5. Glad I could help! I can't wait to see the smoker results!

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