Spatchcocked mullet & Chicken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokeburns, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Last night decided to spatchcock a chicken since the last came out so good with that slaughter house brine , when my Father in law came driving up with some mullet he just netted. Decided to remove the back bone and split them in half reminded me of spatchcocking. After the chicken was done, I set my iq110 to about 125 , maverick read 115. Smoked the mullet for about 3hours. They were done around 11:00 last night. Now what to do with all this smoked mullet? Wife Is going to use half of it to make a smoked mullet dip. Or we can double recipe, does any one know if you can freeze mullet dip? As for the chicken..... Oh, my, God. So dang juicy. I am totally in love this brine. I brined this time for 4 hours and came out perfect. Last one I brined for over 24 hours. It came out good as well but a little on the salty side I'm sure for some people. I'll include q view here in a sec.
    Oh the grapefruit,lemon and limes by the way was pressed in sugar then grilled over direct heat. Then squeezed. Those were for cocktails.
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  3. Looks very tasty. Very nice color on all of it.

    Happy smoken.

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    Freeze the smoked mullet and pull it out when you want to make more dip!

    Nice looking smoke!
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    Ok , thanks. Wasn't sure how well smoked mullet would freeze.

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