Sparkly, sharp edged "slag" in pellet cup of Camp Chef pellet smoker...

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by stiege, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. stiege

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    Hi, new to the group with a couple of questions.

    I bought a Camp Chef pellet smoker and two types of pellets.  Barbecuer's delight and Louisiana Grills brands.  Both claim to be 100%hardwood.

    After initial success smoking some ribs, and without cleaning out the pellet cup after first usage, I had trouble keeping the smoker's temperature up then the fire went out.  I checked the cup and it was filled with brittle, sparkly, sharp edged slag, as though something had not burned but in fact melted together.  I vacuumed out the cup and the temp seemed to stay up ok the second time.  Today I vacuumed out the cup (not so much slag) and fired it up.  It ran ok, then went out.

    I checked the pellet cup and sure enough, there were a couple large chunks of this slag mixed with the ash.

    The trouble is, I mixed the two brands of pellets, but I believe there was mostly the Louisiana Grills brand in the hopper today.  Has anyone seen this with these two brands or any other brand of pellet?  BBQ Delight seems to get almost universal praise on this forum.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Never had this happen with any kind of pellets I've bought, Might have gotten a bad batch of one of them, sounds like metal filings from the dies or excruters they use....
  3. bregent

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    Did it look like this:

    There are a few other threads with similar problems. Folks seem to think it could be plywood or other foreign objects at the mill. BBQ Delight pellets were involved in a few cases. I'm not sure if anything more was determined. 

    Is it possible the pellets or hopper got wet?
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  4. stiege

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    THAT'S IT!!!!  I love the interwebs someone somewhere is always going to have your problem.

    Pellets were right out of the sealed bag.  This stuff was glittery and sharp.  I really don't think it was "incomplete" combustion... I just don't think this stuff was EVER going to burn.  It was like mineral.

    Oh well, I'll try using the BBQer's delight on it's own and see how I do.

    Thanks again for your effort,

  5. daveomak

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    To me..... which don't mean much...... Looks like someone is using "used lumber" to chip and make pellets..... screws, nails etc....

    I would burn each pellet separately and see what residue is in the ash pot.....

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