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  1. The Wifey brought home a spare rib for $8.00, and my smoke finger has been twitching. So for a walking dead meal its St Louis, rib tips, baked beans (home made not from a can) I am gonna try Mr T's recipe if I can find it.

     First butchering and trim.

    there goes that inner flap. I will add this to my rib tips. 

    Cut loose the brisket bone. This is the true rib tips. Very underestimated great piece of meat. 

    There goes the membrane, and cut the last bone to square up the cut.

    My greek style rib rub wrapped, and refrigerated. Smokin Al im gonna try your never fail rib technique.

    Rib tips seasoned, and ready for the smoker. These were trimmed to be a uniformed thickness. 

    These were the thick parts from the brisket bone which are smoking now. They will go into the baked beans. More to come.
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    Should be tasty!
  3. Ok after smoking These 2 chunks went to the beans to simmer for a couple hours.

    The beans after 5.5 hrs are done. Mighty tasty. Thank you Mr T !

    I pulled the ribs at 195-198 f. I will go a little higher next time but tender and juicy. Thank you Smokin Al  for your great tutorial on ribs. 

    Clean bones are in the pic. 

    The rib tips are finishing up. I put them on after the St louis to ensure they would not overcook. 

    I have never been a fan of St Louis cut ribs. Its the cartilage that gets me every time.  These baked beans tho are the star. I highly advise you try them. Bush's has nothing on these.
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    Great job!

    Points for a perfect meal!

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    Those are really nice looking ribs.  Great post--lots of detail and qview..


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    Those are some awesome looking ribs. I bet they were very tasty. :points:
  7. Than you... Where have you been lately?
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    Off and on. Was down with that stomach virus for about 3 weeks. Thanks for asking, Joe

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