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  1. A retiring friend [​IMG] of mine's last day at work was yesterday, so our shift threw a little potluck party for him. my son and I cooked up some spare ribs for the event [​IMG].

    We used TulsaJeff's, "Naked Rib Rub". I like my ribs dry and very rarely sauce them, but this cooking I wanted something different and since I hadn't tried it yet we mixed up a batch of TulsaJeff's "Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive Barbecue Sauce". The sauce was very good and I will use it again.

    I let my son be the Pitmaster on this cook and he did a great job. I think I was a pretty good Sous Chef, too. [​IMG]

    We used a modified 3-2-1 method for cooking this batch, 3-1.25-.75. As usual they tasted great and everyone at work loved them. They even raved about how they were so tender and they loved the fact that the bones came out so easily. However, I don't agree. This is the second time I have used this foiling technique. I don't think I am a fan. [​IMG]

    I don't have an issue with taste, but i do with the texture. The first time I used it, I stuck with the 3-2-1 time frame. I was surprised that the meat was so tender (fall of the bone). But I thought it was too "fall off the bone tender". That batch (see this post "2 Stage Pork Spare Ribs with lots of Q-View" ) was the one where I cooked the ribs a couple of days ahead of serving. I refrigerated them then used a grill to bring them up to temp (with sauce). That worked out okay but I still felt they were too tender.

    I want my rib meat to come off the bone easily but only where I bite. I like a little tug, not teeth shattering but I don't want the bones falling out either. To me this foiling method makes for an ugly rib after cutting them up.

    As far back as I can remember and before I bought my Lang 36 Patio Smoker. I had been cooking ribs hot and fast on indirect heat/smoke. Running my cooker at about 325*-350* for about an 1.5-1.75 hours. My ribs have always been juicy and tasted great and after cutting they looked great. They wouldn't have a deep smoke ring but the smokey taste was there.

    Now I am trying to perfect the same rib outcome but with a low and slow method that will turn out a pretty rib when cut with a deep smoke ring.

    I am thinking that my next batch of ribs will be rib rub, no foil, smoked at 235* for 4-5 hours, served with sauce on the side.

    What say you?!

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    WOW looks good BRO and the video to.[​IMG]
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    David nice job on the q-video. I too like my ribs with a slight tug and then a clean tear where I make my bite. I haven't used foil to do my spares for a couple of years now.  Like you, I'm a Langer (Model 60 Deluxe) and I love the way that food turns out.
  4. What cooking time do you use on your ribs?
  5. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member time I do ribs I'm gonna go no foil and see which I prefer. Al did a straight 6 on one of his recent posts and they looked superb....

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