Spare ribs question - post smoke foil or not?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brandonb, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. brandonb

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    In honor of college football kicking off today I'm smoking my first slab of ribs (spare ribs st Louis style). I am doing two slabs, one with the 3-2-1 method and the other straight up with no foil for 6 hours. After the ribs are done should I foil and stick in a cooler like you do for butts? If not, what is the normal post smoke process for spares? I'm doing both dry with sauce on the side.
  2. alx

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    I have a cambro for my meaats to sit in.I hold them as long as needed.

    One suggestion would be if ribs are cooked the way you like them,then let them sit out 5-10 minutes then foil or wrap.This will allow some of heat to dissipate and not continue cooking in cooler/foil as much,but stay warm....
  3. brandonb

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    What's a cambro? Also, how long is too long to to have the ribs sit in foil in a cooler? I don't want them to get soggy or mushy.
  4. alx

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    Cambro is an insulated food storage box.It has adjustable vents so you can maintain steady temps.I have had 2 briskets,2 butts 6 spares,chicken etc. in mine at one time for comps..My chicken and ribs get turned in within 15 -30 minutes of pulling.

    4 hours is about longest i have done.Some folks-not me- believe sitting can help meat tighten-as long as its not continuing to cook.I try to eat within 30 minutes of pulling ribs off smoker,but as you mention not always possible....
  5. shooterrick

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    I usually dont let mine sit foiled for longer than 15 minutes. Also consider some woods are very strong such as hickory. I sometimes foil my Stl. Louis racks to limit the amount of smoke taken on. You can always unwrap them before finish and firm em up on the smoker.

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