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Discussion in 'Pork' started by thestealth, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. My wife (Amy) found some spare ribs on sale for a buck a pound. This was my first time smoking ribs, so needless to say, I was a bit nervous.

    A couple thoughts...the membrane is a bit of a bitch to peel off...the skirts and tip make pretty good snackin's...the brisket rib was not good (ended up tough).

    I did the 321 method. The ribs were good. I added a chimney full of charcoal at the foil stage...but I forgot to choke down the intake, I got a pretty good spike in temp, but over all, it didn't hurt much.
    Home grown rub with an apple juice spritzer.

    Here's some of the snakin's...they didn't last long. [​IMG]

    Not only was I smokin ribs, we were making some arribiata sauce (spicy marinara).

    Just sliced the ribs...

    The flash kinda washed things out...but the ring was pretty good.


    Here's pan #2 of arribiata...

    All and all, I'd call it a successful smoke. The family all said it was great...but would they have said different if it was not..? Who knows. My own opinion it was pretty tasty, not the best I've ever had, but far from the worst.

    As a side note...we processed over 150#'s of tomatoes, 15#'s of onion, 10#'s of peppers for the marinara. We'll still cooking it down (6 qts canned so far)...hopefully it'll be done soon. [​IMG]
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    The marinara looks wonderful and alot of it too. The ribs looks great too so juicy and really nice smoke ring I just wish I could tell you how good they were. Keep up the fine job on both projects.
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    The ribs look good and so does that marinara!!!!
  4. ronp

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    [​IMG]A very nice smoke. Thanks for thge QVIEW.
  5. The marinara tastes great. I love me some spicy sauce. :D

    I also made some baked (black) beans. The were good, but ended up a bit over done, IMO.
    Black beans
    sauteed onion, garlic and peppers (jalapeno)
    bbq sauce
    Worcestershire sauce
    honey mustard
    some herbs and spices...basically things I found in the pantry. :D
  6. Out of the nearly 200#'s of produce, we got just about 23 quarts of marinara. We've got about another hour of canning to do...glad I've got some leftover ribs....gonna be a long night...
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    Those ribs look really good and a nice smoke ring too. Great job for yer first smoke on ribs!!!! [​IMG]
    That marinara looks really great too!!!![​IMG]
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    Hey...those ribs look great. Nice smoke ring on em as well. I wish I had some of em right now. [​IMG] Thanks for the q-view. [​IMG]
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    Great looking ribs and nice smoke ring. Thats a lot of Marinara Sauce. [​IMG]

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