Spare Ribs. First Ever. W/Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cbsmokes, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. New to smoking this year. Got my pulled pork down pretty good. Some chicken amd some burgers under the belt, but this is the first Rib smoke Ive ever done. 2 racks both halved so they fit in my MES30. One rack is much meatier..(?) than the other. Made a simple rub from the spice supply i have. Its a SPOG rub with a good helping of D.Brown Sug, and a dash of cumin and good amount of pap. the MES is set at 240, mavric is reading 225. I usually trust the mavric temp more but i make sure neither are over or under 225-250. MES always reads higher so i usually split the diference in temps to assume thats what im cooking at. Doing the 3-2-1 method, pitmasters blend in the AMNPS, mailbox mod.

    For some reason my pics wont upload. Ill keep working at it. Any advice as if what im doing is right or wrong would be helpful,
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    If using a cell phone scrool down to the bottom of the page,see if it is in desktop or mobile mode.What ever it is in try the other setting

  3. Ribs prepped and halved.
    Larger rack after rubbed.

    Thanks TROPICS
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    Looks like a great start!

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    Looks like a good start glad I was able to help,thats what make this site the best

  6. 3 hours in. Wrapped with some apple juice and splash of captain ( i always ad that to my apple juice whem smoking idk why). One set kept getting a hole in bag when putting it in smoker. After 3rd try i called it a loss and added lil juice to water pan (which i never use) to hope it helps some. Who knows.

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    I keep trying to throw a splash of captain in my pork as well but I keep missing the foil and getting it in my mouth.

  8. Bones starting to show some. First pic is just RIBS WITH RUB. Second i mopped on some SBR bbq sauce. About another hour and its feast time. Although i would be happy to eat them now

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