Spanish Style Brick Smoker - Need Guidance

Discussion in 'Brick Smokers' started by piglet1, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. piglet1

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    Looking for some feedback as I progress through my project. 

    Phase # 1  - Completed:

    I covered about 400 sqft in cement, with a 10% grade, then added saltillo tiles on top of the cement, added planters to the lemon trees and plastered the planters with stucco+tiles.

    Phase # 2 - In Progress:

    Add cinder blocks to Smoker and Wood Burning Grill. Below is the first level I added today. The left is where the smoker will be placed. I'm planning on adding an air vent on the second level but I'm not sure what kind I should add.  I could use some suggestions. Should the first level of the smoker be completely cover in cinder blocks and filled in with cement, in order to keep the heat off the floor?

    Phase # 3 - Add Wood Shelf:

    As an accent around the middle of the smoker.

    Phase # 4 - Add Prep table and sink:

    Attached to the right of the Wood Grill. I building this separately due to the fact that I haven't decided which type of sink to buy and how much space will be left for a prep table if any.

    Phase # 5 - Stucco the exterior:

    Phase # 6 - Paint:


    1) Should the first level of the smoker be completely cover in cinder blocks and filled in with cement, in order to keep the heat off the floor?

    2) I'm planning on purchase a camp fire grill and using it as the backbone of my Wood Grill.  Is it more cost effective to buy the parts separately?

    3) Are there any pre-made doors for the smoker? I'm planning on building my own but would consider purchasing one.

    4) Should I line the inside of my smoker with fire bricks all the way up or just where the fire is in direct contact?
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    Good evening Piglet1,   

    First off,  I love your tile work.   Simply awesome!

    I'll answer what I can.   We have a great group of guys here who are always willing to help.

    1.   Fire  and cinder blocks don't always make a good combination.   Cinder block love moisture.   When you fire your smoker, it takes forever to get the moisture out of the block so it can heat up.   Also,  block do not hold heat well.  If you can,  I would line the smoker with firebrick.  Also on the floor.   They are very dense and hold heat very well.   They also won't absorb moisture.   When you fire the smoker its starts heating up right away.  

    2.   I can't help you with  this one.    I've never had a camp fire grill.

    3.   I looked all over for doors.   I never could find any.   I had mine built to the size I wanted.    Mine are built with 3" angle for the frame and 1/8 steal plate for the doors.

    4.  Firebrick will hold the heat way better.  Once up to temp.  you can open the doors all you want.  I have to open mine when the fire flares up to keep it cooled down.   The better you can hold the heat, the less fuel you'll use.

    I hope this helps some.   I'm sure others will be by with ideas too.

    If you get a chance, go into your profile and let folks know what part of the world  your from.     

    Hope you have a great evening

  3. piglet1

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    Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be taking your suggestions and adding to my plans.

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