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  1. I am going to make my 1st batch of susage from Rytek Kutas book....and it calls for 2 cups of soy protein concentrate or non fat dry 2 cups of ice water.for a 10# mix. that 2 cups of soy protein con or non fat dry milk wet or dry measure??? If wet, that seems to me to be way to much I am assuming it to be dry measure. Am I correct????


  2. mchar69

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    Dry,  And re-read where he says to use not the dry milk you find in stores, but a much finer powder.

    I'd get the soy protein concentrate from
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    Haven't used neither so far but, as far as I know both ingredients are used in powder form. So, yes, it would be a dry measure.
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    Does he say why the stuff in the store won't work? I've used it in quite a few batches and haven't noticed any problems, but I'm not very well versed in sausage making. I wonder if you could just run the store bought stuff through a food processor until it's a fine powder?
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    i made some sausage just the other day from Ryteks recipe and powdered up the dry milk powder in my spice blender... worked fine for me, food processor would probably work even better

    good luck

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    You can mix some water to the NFDM. then add it to the sausage meat. You wont have to worry about the size of the nfdm
  7. Yup this a case where size doesn't matter  [​IMG]   Use whatever NFDM you have available & you will be fine...
  8. Sorry it took so long to get back here.

     I never thought about the coarseness of NFDM and the use of a spice grinder.

    Thanks for all the feedback.


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