Southwestern Smoked turkey Pozole (qview)

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  1. Ok so I have been craving a taste of home for awhile now and decided since i cant find what I want at a restaurant around here that Id just make it. Didnt have any pork or chicken which is usually used but Iv been trying to get rid of the three turkeys that the military gave me for the holidays. (Being a poor airman is paying off.) Thawed the turkey out over a couple days and then brined it overnight in some spices i kind of just threw together. then I rubbed the breast down with another spice mixture and butter and then topped it off with the same spice mixture and olive oil. Its in the smoker now so more to come later. Probably be kind of a three parter really since im doing more with it. smoking it with mesquite and apple wood.


    The Brine


    Bird in the Brine


    ready for the night


    Patted dry


    Spice rub


    Mixed with butter for the breast


    Breast all flavored up


    Took me two washes to get my hand to not be orange.


    ready for the smoker,
  2. Forgot to post what the rub and brine was. Brine is going to be a very rough estimate as i kind of just threw things in the pot.


    1 1/2 Tbsp Garlic powder

    1Tbsp Onion powder

    1 Tbsp Paprika

    3 Tbsp Chili powder

    1 Tbsp Salt


    1/2 Cup red peeper flakes

    1 cup Salt

    3/4 cup sugar

    1 cup chili powder

    1 cup red pepper

    1/2 cup garlic powder

    1/4 onion powder
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    Great start!
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    [​IMG]  so far
  5. [​IMG]



    The breast meat.


    Breast meat without skin to show the under skin rub.


    Cooking the Pozole


    Bowl of Pozole with fresh Cilantro.
  6. Man ! Sorry, but what is Pozole (looks wonderful) & how do you make it ? Turkey looks wonderful also.

    That Pozole looks like menudo.
  7. Its like menudo but no tripe usually chicken or pork and lots of hominy.

    1 Onion Chopped roughly

    10 Garlic cloves minced

    3 quarts chicken broth

    28 oz red enchilada sauce (I was lazy and didnt want o make the rep pepper puree)

    dried oregano crumbled

    8 Tbsp chili powder ( I put more because I like things hotter)

    Olive oil to saute the onion and garlic

    One 108oz can of white hominy and one 12 oz can of white hominy

    3 Bay leaves

    I mixed the drippings from the turkey and the olive oil to saute the garlic and onion until its translucent then threw in everything but the hominy. simmered for an hour and then added the hominy and cooked until it was tender so about 30 minutes. Came out pretty good.
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    Thanks for sharing! Looks awesome...! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K
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    NICE , Hooligan ,   [​IMG]      love Hominy and make it a lot for me and the Son , he likes the Pork and Mutton Posole better , I rather lean towards the Menudo side , but don't get me wrong , I won't pass a bowl of Posole of whatever...[​IMG]
  10. Yeah I used what I had in the freezer. Would have preferred pork but hey not complaining this far from home.
  11. That's some good looking turkey and posole. And thanks for your service!!!!![​IMG]
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    Looks good. I haven't had Pozole in a long time. Where is the shredded cabbage on top?

    I miss my Mexican friends cooking, he made Lamb kind of like that without hominy one time for a big party he had. It was really good. The next day we all drank the red broth for hang overs.
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    Looks like it turned out great. I love a good bowl of Pozole -  and thank you for your service 

  14. Never had it with shredded cabbage. usually just throw some fresh cilantro on it.

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