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    I have not posted anything for a while so I thought I would step up to the plate and fire up the Weber Kettle for some low and slow inderect smoked chicken. I saw all the cool kids were doing it so I thought I would share mine.

    This is my take on Jerk Chicken. I would have made the exact recipe which calls for Habenero's but all I had on hand were some really hot Jalapeno's. Here is the recipe I got from the Weber big book of grilling which I must say has some pretty good stuff in it.

    4 Green onions white part only

    1 Habenero Chile  stemmed seeded and coarsely chopped. I used yes. 5 full jalapeno's stemmed with seeds and all cause that's how I roll

    2 TBS canola oil

    2 TBS fresh lime juice. I used a whole lime's worth

    1 TBS granulated Garlic. I used a whole head of garlic

    2 TSP Thyme

    2 TSP allspice

    1 TSP granulated sugar

    1 TSP salt. I used Himalayan sea salt

    1/2 TSP fresh ground black pepper

    10 medium sized Chicken thighs bone in and skin on trimmed up a little bit and loosened the skin to get the good stuff everywhere.

    I just put everything except the chicken in the blender and blended it up. After a taste I decided on a little soy sauce and a bit more allspice. Then I put the chicken in a gallon freezer bag with the jerk sauce and kneaded it up into all the nether regions of the Chicken for several minutes. Finally I let it marinade for about 30 hours.

    On the grill, apple smoke at 235 degrees with some snacks for the Chef.

    After an Hour, looking good, added another chunk of apple wood just in case.

    A halftime snack for the pit master.

    This and that go really well together by the way.

    All done in about 2 1/2 hours to 172 degrees internal.

    This is after I pulled it being guarded by the eye!

    I actually really liked this and it was not as hot as I thought it would be. I ended up foiling and resting on top of the gas stove on low for half an hour so I could pull it for enchilada's for the Hawks game tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
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    That looks outstanding!!!

    I love smoking on my kettle...
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    I used about 20 coals and 3 chunks of apple for the entire smoke. Pretty dang efficient I must say that performer is. Thanks man!
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    Well I got a hankering to do this today again but I scored a bunch of really nice looking Habanero's. I think I will substitute 3 for the 6 jalapeno's originally in my recipe. I might attempt to inject it too since I have a whole cut up fryer chicken to do. What do you think?
  6. those thighs look amazing, and so do the peppers.

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    Glad you saw my other post dannylang. thanks. I think I have it down enough to post an actual recipe. II am going for to where I don't have to order stuff from Jamaica. Getting close.
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    Oh I see you just saw this one. I have a more recent Jerk 

    chicken post where I have revised the recipe a bit and 

    made it more better.
  9. I love Jerk Chicken,, Yours Looks Great

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    Thanks gary, this one was straight out of the Weber big book of BBQ. At the time I didn't have all the ingredients for the real thing. Well I still don't have Pimento wood and leaves. The one I just did last weekend was really good and much closer to the real thing. This was great too just different.
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