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    A friend brought me two catfish today. See its Lent around here and it being a predominately ..... well if I gotta explain, it will just take too long. Its seafood Fridays in Lent. When I was a kid, all year Fridays was always seafood, just like Mondays was always red beans & rice. Then during Lent it was seafood everyday. I am not Catholic, but I like a religon that does a load of seafood anytime. LOL

    Filleted the catfish, then sliced each half into half following the blood line or longitudinally.  Its just how I normally prefer my fried fish, some just eat the fillets, some quarter, some even chip (thats good stuff too). Pretty isn't it, thats only 2 fish.

    Lets start getting the fish ready now they are cleaned and sliced ........

    In the bowl is a little mustard and some thyme, no salt or pepper either, I don't want to draw the fluid out the fish. The ammount in the bowl is all I used for all that cat fish. Dump all the fish in, swish 'em around and just let 'em sit till you're ready.

    Now to the important stuff. Hush puppies. Yes I know its a southern thing, but they are soooooo good I can't believe the whole world does not embrace them! Oh and BTW, did I mention that my Mom was renowned for her hush puppies?  They were simply amazing! No, she never had a recipe, but I'll watched and really tryed to learn. Mine are not bad, but never of her quality.

    Here's some things you'll need.

    Flour, sugar, cornmeal, salt, baking powder & soda.

    I always sift and for three good reasons. first, it lightens or aerates the flour and corn meal, It catches any little varmits in the crushed grains (I swear I don't know how they get in them either). Finally do you see the bay leaves? Mom always kept them in the sugar and grains. She said it kept the weevils and ants out. I don't know it works, but I have never seen any since I started doing it 40 years ago.

    Minced onions, they need not be minced but if chopped remember to lower the cooking temp so they get a better chance to cook. Just be consistent.

    While here, if you don't have one of these I highly recommend it, it saves wasted plastic bags littering the world's trashes.

    They on the reefer grates and hang down freeing up space in the reefer as well as keeping cut veggies fresh and handy. I have a red on for tomatoes, a white on for peppers, and the blue one for onions. Cool huh...... Tupperware may yet save the earth.

    Mix everything up in the bowl I use equal parts corn meal to flour, a healthy amount of sugar (they are supposed to be slightly sweet). A pinch of salt, baking powder, baking soda, ( that's 4 powder to 1 soda, soda is your stablizer). 

    Buttermilk.... A southern stable, Biscuits, pancakes, corn meal, hush puppies. I use it as much as milk.

    While I am here, see the scoop? A while back I had a 4 scoop set given to me. Silly, right? These are the handiest things since pockets on a shirt. I do everything from core apples to measure muffins, yes even to dropping hush puppies. If you don't have some, again, I love mine now. I use 'em daily.

    Everything dry in the bowl, add the onions to the dry mixture and stir around with a spatula. They are coated dry and hence don't clump will mixing. Add the Buttermilk and ....... The secret ingredient! Dum dum dummmmmmm!

    Let it set a few mins. and the butternilk will act on the baking powder and create beautiful little air bubbles.... see?

    Its ok taste it, make sure it now tastes delicious! Oh it does, it does! (BTW this is great on hotdogs making corny dogs too!)

    Using my small scoop. into grease at med.high temp. they will hit the bottom of the pot and bounce up to float.

    Look two have already flipped! They will flip them selves if you've got 'em right. If not, give the pan a shake, if not still you can manually do it. Pffft......

    Now I must back up and appoligize, all my large idaho taters were rotten in the insides. I don't know why and there was no blemish visible. Also I didn't have an cabbage in the house, used it making tasso & shrimp smothered cabbage the other night

    Its store bought curlie fries and a salad . I did make the tarter sauce, which is also a family thing...... I'll tell ya about that next.

    Fish fry.... gosh a gazillion ways to do something so easy. Its just 4 to 1, flour to cornmeal. I add salt, Tony's, and dried mustard..

    And wa-la.... its supper!

    Fried catfish, hush puppies, curlie fries, garden salad, summer pickles & Tarter sauce.

    Seems I am forgeting something......... It will come to me.

    Fried fish without hush puppies is like kissing thru a screen door, I mean its still a kiss but whats the point?
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    Kevin, morning....  Looks delish....   Got it in my file for the corn dog thing....   Ever try corn andouille ??? 
  3. tropics

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    Kevin that looks great. Did you egg wash the fillets to get the breading on? points

  4. smokinal

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    Holy cow, Kevin!

    That is a perfect meal for me!

    Fried catfish is my favorite, but I like it whole.

    I guess those two you had wouldn't have fit in the fryer whole.

    Points for a delicious looking meal!

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    She Who Must Be Obeyed loves seafood. You have inspired me to please her my friend.

  6. foamheart

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    Nope, andouille is just too spicy for me to think of it as anything more than a seasoning meat.

    It would probably be good though.
  7. foamheart

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    Thank you sir.

    No Richie. that little bit of mustard which had the thyme in it provided all the moisture needed. Egg wash would make the batter too thick like a fried chicken coating. I just want light coating to allow the moisture to stay in the fish. 4 to1 is that miracle number with a pinch and shake (Salt & pepper).

    Try it vice the old eggwash and crumb roll coating. I have nothing against that with pan fish, but when deep frying only one way to go. You have to try soft shell crabs fried that way.

    Eggwash with a grated pecan flour with pan fish is awesome!
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  8. tropics

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    Thank You Sir didn't dawn on me the mustard was the glue. I haven't been able to get many softies the last few years.Forget about buying them here.

  9. foamheart

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    Thank you Al

    The reason for filleting, we get so much fish, that we only mess with the best parts. I can walk less than 50 yards and wet a hook in the Mississippi (course I won't eat those anymore but there is loads of seafood in South Louisiana). I just never remember that others may not be as lucky as us. I too prefer whole fish, but its usually a special fish.
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  10. foamheart

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    Surrrrrrre I did. LOL, Happy wife.... how's that end? <Chuckles>

    We have such an abundance of great seafood, and there is so many ways to illustrate those delicious tastes, that everyone, well we pretty much take for just normal fare. I just can't imagine a place without fresh seafood. I am sure that is why the areo-industry built up so fast in the US midwest.
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