South Florida Gathering--Nov 4th thru 6th 2011

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  1. Right On!
  2. Turnip's still in, likely Mrs Turnip too, and both dogs.

    Can't see draggin the camper out there, might sleep in the van or back in on kin in LaBelle.

    Thanks to all who have put the effort into making this happen, I'm glad to help out in a newbie kind of way if there's something I can do, lemme know.

  3. Our reservations are in for site 23........... normally sites 22-28 have electric, BUT...... alas,.... electric is not working at these sites right now for some reason.... hopefully by Nov they will be fixed,.... will have to check up on sites closer to date,.... hopefully we wont have to make site changes for electric,........ the shack and group site 2 have electricity available if need to make changes later. 

      as stated earlier, creekside camping is the more desirable side of the campground. Keepin my fingers crossed! CANT WAIT
  4. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    hey all,

    sorry i haven't been updating this thread at all the past few weeks have been hectic for me.  YoungOne thanks for going ahead and doing this. 

    for everyone else...does everyone want to make there own reservations or should i call tomorrow and say that we ar ea group and reserve a few more sites?  let me know how you want to set this up.

    i might call anyway and say that we are doing this group even and to ask if people are with South Florida Smoking Meat Gathering

  5. smokinal

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    That sounds like a good idea Doug. We won't be staying the night, but will be commuting back and forth each day. Were exited too YoungOne.
  6. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    YoungOne, what name did you register with them? i'm going to call tomorrow to see about making a "group" and want to include you
  7. Thanks Doug, Laurie and I will be staying at the Labelle Inn, that's as close

    to camping as it gets for
  8. fpnmf

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    Let me know how the camping spots are filling up.

    Me being old and grouchy I would he quite happy to have a spot a distance from the kids and dogs..   Hahahahhahaha

    Have a great day!!

  9. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    th{font-weight:bold;}td{border:1px solid #999999; padding:5px;}

    Ok here is a chart of who all is attending, their guests, what equipment they are bringing,if they are camping, and any special notes. I will keep updating this so it's always in this message and you don't have to search around
    Member (username)Guests (Adults/Kids)EquipmentCamping?Notes
    Doug Mays (dougmays)None as of now but will probably bring a friendWeber Smokey Mountain 22.5"YesGroup Site 2
    James (Master of my Meat)1(3?) AdultsECB, Crockpot, Charcoal GrillNoHotel
    Craig (fpnmf)1 AdultDutch OvenYesdepot 3 campsite
    Al (Smokin'Al)5 adultsWSM 22.5"NoCommuting from home
    (YoungOne)1 adult/2 kidsElectric Brinkmann, dutch oven, and backup propane stove.YesSite 23
    (Turnip Mokey)1 adult ?Site F8
    JckDanls072 adultschargriller grill/smoker and camp stoveYesRV C2. Maple Bourbon Ham
    RubbinButts (Ron)2 adultsLarge smoker, will be in all 3 comps. 2 Adults. RV C4

    Menu for the Weekend (Minus competitions: Ribs, Chicken, and the Surprise Category)

    I'll add more rows if needed, not to be confused with "a number of slots available"
    DayNameMealTime Frame (that meal will be ready for eating)Notes (do you need help from another member? Do you need to use someone's equipment?)
    Friday Night (this might not be needed)    
     JckDanls076Maple Bourbon Smoked HamDinner 
     Rubbin ButtsWaffelsBreakfast 
     DougScrambled EggsBreakfasti'll need to use someone's stove
     Chicken Comp CooksChicken CompetitionLunch (1pm turn in time) 
     TurnipChopped Tomatoes and GreenbeansLunch (1pm turn in time) 
     YoungOneMacorroni Salad  
     Ribs Comp CooksRib CompetitionDinner (7pm turn in time) 
     Something Special Comp CooksSomething Special CompetitionDinner (7pm turn in time) 
     CraigMountain Man BreakfastBreakfast 


    - Best Ribs - Ribs much be completed and presented for judging by 7pm Saturday night (Dinner)

    -- Competitors: Doug, JckDanls07, SmokinAl, RubbinButts

    - Chicken - Chicken should should be completed and presented to the judges by 1pm (lunch)

    -- Competitors: James,JckDanls07,SmokinAl, MOMM, RubbinButts, YoungOne

    - Something Special - Bring your best dish (fatties, ABT's, etc....).  This will coincide with the Ribs Compeition

    -- Competitors:

    James (MOMM) -

    SmokinAl - Gator Pizza

    RubbinButts - Cole Slaw and Dino Eggs

    Charlotte - Baked Beans

    Turnip - Potato Salad

    Brenda (youngone) - Blow yer skirt chili
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  10. fpnmf

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    Hahahahahhahahhhahhaa  I don't hate anybody....Have two of the monsters myself...

    The joke is about what I am gonna name my charcoal and hot sauce..GOM..     grouchy old man.

    1 fiance and bringing dutch oven, camping..

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  11.  Doug we are registered under Brenda Young, When making reservations they only ask for a one night deposit, and IF anyone needs to cancel reservations ( hope not ) they require 72 hrs advance notice to get your deposit back.

    Call and get your spots!  November is high season for them. The choice sites will be gone if you wait till the last minute.

    Some campgrounds fill up fast..........I've had to make reservations 1 year in Advance to even get in at Bahia Honda State park.
  12. Update me,

    4 adults / 2 kids, 1 dog

    Electric Brinkmann, Dutch Oven, propane stove, rice cooker

    What?....There's only a rib cook off?  I thought we had more categories going down?

    Umm menu,... I have to look at past posts I forgot. all meals I planned.......

     for the what the heck is that category, making  Alligator Sauce Piquante, Rice, smoked corn on the cob, and a buttload of pasta salad

    Will only need help from another member with equipment if there is no electric!
  13.    Craig , P7 is the most private plot on the creek side area,....... but also really close to the railroad tracks

    Our dog is really quiet demure lady,......... cant say the same for the kids though...LOL
  14. smokinal

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    Doug update me to 2 adults. Not sure on the equipment or food yet.

    When is the rib cook-off scheduled for?
  15. What is the date????

    I scanned through the thread and didn't see what date was finalized for the event.

    If I'm going to make a reservation it might as well be for the same weekend that the rest of yall are there.

  16. fpnmf

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    4th 72!!!

    >>>>>>>The first weekend in November, Fishing Eating Creek Outpost.  

     Have a great day!!

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  17. dougmays

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    i'm going to call today and try to reserve sites 22-28 so that we have them then when people call in for a reservation they should be able to transfer the site from me to you, i'll give them the name of the group.  More updates to come...
  18. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    Hey ya'll

    alright i just spent awhile on the phone with Fish Eating Creek, spoke with Ruthy (very nice lady). I have reserved sites 22-28 (except for brenda's site 23). I went ahead and reserved them one my credit car to save the space. She said that you can call in and reserve anyone of them and she'll transfer the name from me to you and get your credit card info instead of mine.  Then she'll just refund me.  I got more site then we probably need but i haven't heard back from some members that originally said they were maybes.

    Anyone can cancel a reservation within 72 hours of the camping date.  Also just a note...each site includes as many tents as you want without encroaching on your neighbors, but since we are all together it doesn't matter.  Each site also includes up to 4 people and 2 vehicles.  if you have more then 4 people with you at your site its $3/person per night extra.  But since we are all together, if one site had more then 4, the "extras" can over flow to a neighboring site. 

    So as if now Brenda (YoungOne) has site 23 and I (Doug Mays) have site 24.  I left 22 open, its closest to the bathrooms so if anyone needs that space due to medical conditions or kids or whatever, i figure we'll leave that site to someone who might need it more.

    So go ahead and call in, tell them you with Doug Mays and the South Florida BBQ Gathering (i didnt want to say "smoking" just incase there was some confusion with other activities...haha).  It's $15/night per site. 

    As YoungOne told us and Ruthy confirmed...FPL is giving them flack on having water and power in the same spot (she gave me a long explanation about this) she isn't sure if there will be power and water.  But she said the bath houses have water so we can transport that with coolers and trucks. 

    Once you reserve a spot (22, 25-28) let me know and i'll update the chart on this thread.

    I'll PM Calculus and Flash because they were maybes and i haven't heard back from them yet.
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  19. Hi All,

    Two adults coming, maybe two more, haven't confirmed yet. I'll be bringing my ECB (it's all I could fit in my

    car) a charcoal grill, and my crockpot (chili).

    I"ll be putting my menu together in the next couple of days and will post, but will probably consist of BBR,

    chicken, chili, and I'm definitely going to do a fattie Saturday morning. Various veggies and ABT's.

    I'm really getting excited about this event. I'm still on board with three categories for friendly competition:

    Ribs-Chicken-Wild Card (ABT's or Fatties or anything we all want to agree on.) I'm going to start hunting

    trophy makers and snag us three of them, so I'll need to know what that third category is going to be for

    the engraving. If you want it to be just a Ribs comp. let me know as well.

  20. smokinal

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    This is really starting to come together nicely.

    Kudo's to Doug.

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