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Discussion in 'Beef' started by gamehawg, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Well since my brother Bubba is into boiled meat now, I decided to placate his desire and give it a try.

    Here is my setup, enamled cast iron dutch oven with 130 degree water.  Meat is a tbone  with a very small tenderloin side, vacumn packed, deboned and unseasoned.


    Plop:  This is 1:45 into process….hmm looks sooo appetizing:


    2 hours 15 minutes at 130 degrees.  At this point I’m thinking I have been the victim of a elaborate ruse by Bubba to get me to ruin a perfectly good steak, it smells like it looks (gray and boiled).  Ha freaking ha:


    K I better get creative, cast iron skillet, smoking hot, rock salt and crushed peppercorns onto the meat, meat seared, seared I tell you, 40 seconds a side.

    Remove steak,  Plop in a tab of butter and a small dab of demiglace and all ‘pan’ drippings, roll steak around until covered.

    Hmm, smells better in here . 


    Hmmm  mumf, chomf crumf, money shot:


    My test steak was lacking in one regard, it had a severe lack of quantity:


    Conclusion:  Very interesting cooking method, really interested in seeing what it will do to cuts like pork loin and chicken breasts, as they are 2 meats that are extremely difficult to cook to a moist consistency. Need to add smoke also, perhaps a cold smoke after bath but before sear... ? 

  2. africanmeat

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    looks amazing bet it taste good
  3. chef jimmyj

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    Sous Vide is a useful technique but it is important to understand that this technique is limited to 2" inch thick hunks of meat Max!...Beyond that it gets risky...Also unless you purchase a circulating Sous Vide Machine, you are also limited to 2-4 pieces of Meat per cook so the hot water contacts all sides of the meat...You should not try this with 10 Steaks and a Crock Pot...Additionally extra care should be taken with Sanitation as well. Wash meat, keep stuff cold and clean...That being said, your Steak looks great!...JJ
  4. After the "searing" and addition of goodies, it looks pretty darn good!
  5. smokinal

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    Yes it does look good!
  6. scarbelly

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    There is a member here - Motochef that does a lot of Sous Vide and he and I exchanged a lot of info on how to do it. He has a great setup but I have not seen him on here for 6 months.

    That steak looks like it came out mighty tasty. Hard to go wrong with a good Demi-Glace. 

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