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Discussion in 'Sous Vide Cooking' started by sqwib, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Thumbs Up ... Thanks Martin...
  3. I just purchased all the parts for the Heatermeter. (Open source DIY Pit minder of sorts) The guy that put the DIY project together states you can use it as a temperature controller for sous vide. I myself have never done sous vide besides putting my frozen pulled pork sealed bag in boiling water to heat it up. Just an FYI. Love the posts keep them going.
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    yes thanks for the link, it may actually move me to get mine out the the box and try to use it.

    How does it work with bone in stuff, like a steak?
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    GOOD MORNING !!!!!!! I am the uninitiated, in Sous vide Cooking... My machine just arrived....

    I've been practicing for 2 days.... I'm trying to learn on "Poached Eggs".... I'm beginning to think that is a steep learning curve..... I've looked at several recipes and I'm trying a few of them.... I'm beginning to think, sous vide, when cooked in an immersion circulator gives different results from a non circulating bath.... "No Kidding ???" I've had eggs with runny whites and rock hard yolks.... Then today, rock hard, rubbery whites with slightly overcooked yolks.... So, I cooked one more egg while I had an uneducated guess fresh in my pea brain.... whites a little too tough and yolk a little over cooked.....

    So, the experimenting will continue... I sure have been eating a lot of eggs....

    My Sous Vide set up... The ANOVA is pretty cool.... easy to understand and use.... will work on almost any container... I started in a 3 gallon SS pot... the temp was slow to rise, I guess, and steam poured out the top.... Thinking, "That's no good".... I'd lose too much water over time... So I found my old "lunch bucket" cooler.... works pretty darn good... make shift condensation top to recycle the steam, reduce heat loss.... VOILA....

    My closest attempt at a perfect egg is on the right... I cooked it at 180 deg. F for 12 minutes... Now that egg was cold... from the fridge... and laid last week by my chickens.... I think I read somewhere, fresh eggs don't peel well..... They are right.... I even cracked it, when done, and ran cold water over it trying to get water between the membrane and the shell to facilitate easy peeling... No luck there.. I'm thinking my next attempt will be at the 180 Deg. F temp for 10 minutes...

    See you all later.....
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    That is one of the calculators I used.... I wonder what egg sizes they use.... I will have to measure the circumference of the eggs and check....


    Mass per egg

    Cooking Yield (Volume)[2]

    Greater than 2.5 oz. or 71 g

    Very Large or Extra-Large (XL)
    Greater than 2.25 oz. or 64 g 56 mL (4 tbsp)

    Large (L)
    Greater than 2 oz. or 57 g 46 mL (3.25 tbsp)

    Medium (M)
    Greater than 1.75 oz. or 50 g 43 mL (3 tbsp)

    Small (S)
    Greater than 1.5 oz. or 43 g

    Greater than 1.25 oz. or 35 g
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    Switched from eggs to Ox/Beef Cheeks... in the water oven now.... Doing a short cook method... 75 C for 20 hours... the 60 C for 60 hours was not a good choice today..... that may be next..... added some Montreal, dried onion flakes and pepper flakes..... Never had cheeks and curious about the texture and flavor.... cheeks bacon is on my list one of these days... See you tomorrow....

    It's tomorrow.... Not much to see.... cheeks are in the vac-bags.... When the time was up, I threw them on the freezing plate in my beer fridge, after they saw cold running water for about 10 minutes..... Bride and I will do a cheeks and wide egg noodles tonight... there is the start of a great looking sauce in the bags... I'm getting hungry thinking about it...

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    Bride did her thing.... Peppers, onions.... etc... She says "They are awesome".... great flavor and texture... That's all that matters.....

  10. Great!!!!! :smile:

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    Fantastic plate looks amazing.
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    I think this S.V. process will be used around here, regularly..

    If the members on this forum keep finding new cooking/smoking techniques, the pantry storage will need an addition....

    Considering I started this forum with a Totem Smoker, home made smoker and a Kitchen Aid mixer/ grinder/stuffer....... and you look around at the stuff I have now.... I know I am lucky to have found this place.... That's where the extra LB's came from.... darn near broke the doctor's scale last visit....

    Great food is my passion... I love to eat stuff that is better than the restaurant down the street... Bride and I are accomplishing that on a routine basis... The Sous Vide machine takes food to a whole new level.... How cool is that....

    Thanks folks for the introduction....
  13. I must compliment the people who run this forum. So many forums are intolerant of "non-related" topics.  Many smokers are closet (or not so closet) foodies.  They dabble with all things cooking, which may include: Smoking, BBQ, Grilling, Drying, Baking, Canning, Brewing, Winemaking, Sous Vide,.. ..  While there are many websites focused on each of these endeavors, it is great to have a site which embraces such a broad spectrum all in one location.  I had to modify my diet a few months ago, and it is great to see the mixture of techniques found here.  I love the overall 'foodie" environment which is fostered here, and with the tips learned here, hope to make interesting and flavorful food for years to come. Kudos to the forum members who bring forward these great contributing posts.  
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    I finished my Sous Vide franken-heater. Works great. 

    I tried some chicken breasts, no salt, light salt, squeeze of lemon and heavy pepper. Brine for 60 minutes, pad dry and  1.75 hours @ 140. All turned out very moist, but the pepper was a bit of a disappointment. 

    The Lemon Chicken was difficult to vacuum seal but it did eventually seal and the finished taste was as expected with the added benefit of the succulent meat. The light salt was also perfect; the addition of post-cooking salt was needed on the no-salt beasts. 

    I do love pepper and will pepper heavily when smoking. The sous vide "pepper effect" was amped way up, and not the good aspects. Thankfully the effect was dialed way back after setting in the fridge for a day or so. 

    I have a few beef pieces in the bath now, approaching 48 hours. 

    After this I will pre-smoke the meet and then sous vide. 
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    Smok, morning.... Did you have a "Sous Vide" recipe that recommended that time and temperature....
  16. I normally do a breast one hour at 140, followed by a sear on a grill.  They turn out excellent.  An hour and 45 minutes seems a bit long, but will likely do no harm.
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    As a total newbie to sous vide I just ran with the data on this site:


    as the breasts were very thick.  I was expecting a trainwreck on the maiden voyage but it turned out well in spite of my lack of sous vide chops. The chicken is very nice. Amazingly nice. 

    As another tiptoe experiment we ran several small 2.lb cuts of beef (chuck, tritip, and brisket @ 131 degrees at 48 hours) and had the brisket today for lunch. I now realize I like brisket a little more done however it was melt in your mouth tender and moist.  I just made gravy with the bag juices for a test, but the meat was in no need of gravy. We will save the gravy for something else.  On a side note the beef was green and required the blow torch. What was fascinating was the muscle reaction to the intense heat of the flame. If you or your guests are at all squeamish, avoid the Maillard step. 

    The next experiment: I want to get some brisket (if I can find a reasonable price) smoke it for several hours and then put it in the sous vide for the long cook.  
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    I'm thinking of getting a brisket also..... Slice it up, season it, vac bag it.... In the freezer for later sous vide.... I might add about 1 hours smoke to some to see how that works.... I know when canning salmon, 1 hours smoke tastes like 6 hours.... don't know why the smoke intensifies when canning but.... I'm thinking it might do the same in a sous vide pouch.....
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    I think a side benefit is more surface area to take up the smoke. Once you cut a packer in seal-a-meal size portions there is more brisket that will come in contact with the smoke. 

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