Sous Vide Brisket w/pics

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jarjarchef, Jun 22, 2015.

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    We found a brisket buried in the freezer at work. So I decided we needed to do a sous vide brisket, just because we could......

    Those that use an MES understand the pain of having to breakdown a brisket. I also wanted to make sure it was not too thick for the sous vide process....

    Seasoned and vac sealed, then into its water bath. Plan is 130° for 48 hrs.

    48 hrs later. Seal still good and lots of juices in the bags.

    Applied a bit more seasoning before a short smoke.

    Into the MES set at 250° with a tube filled with pecan for 3hrs.

    After 2hrs I diced up the point and tossed with some sauce and back into the smoker.

    After 3hrs we pulled the brisket and allowed to rest a few mintues before we sliced it.

    A little shot of the cross cut.

    Overall we really liked it. It does have a different texture than traditional, but not a bad one. It was very tender and full of flavor throughout the meat. We were very surprized on how much smoke flavor the meat picked up in such a short time. The point needed more time, but the flat was spot on.

    Because of the process you do not need a fat cap. I would trim down to a 1/16 - 1/8 th inch cap at most. The couple places that had a thicker cap were a little odd to eat because you did not have the time in a higher temp to render the fat down.

    It was very good. I would say if you have the opportunity you should do one.
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    Interesting & thanks for posting.... I ordered an Anova Sous Vide Presicion & it'll be here Fri. Never done sous vide before, but real interested in doing some different stuff !
  3. jarjarchef

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    I am still on the fence on getting mine.....

    When younstart make sure to do some homework on cooking times, weights and thickness. Lots of great information out there.

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures.
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    Thanks, been reading up on it quite a bit... It was just real intriguing to me & unfortunatly when I get something in my head I just have to try it... From the description it has an app with recipes, but if you know of any good links to some good info.... I'd sure take a look & be in debt to ya !

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