Sort of Steak & Kidney Pie

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    To clarify....we're talking Aussie meat pies....the sort you can eat one handed, whilst driving down the F1 in peak hour on the phone! I've never done that[​IMG]...I digress; Wifey & I are dealing with the fact we have to relocate in 4 I'm trying to thin the freezer, so I had to do something with the heart & kidneys from the last pig who donated to my cause. Being an expat Aussie, one of the (many) hardest things to come by is pies. Apart from Harry's Cafe De Wheels Potato & Pea pie...steak and kidney is my all time favorite. So..with a pig heart in my hand and a pork kidney on the side, I decided to make, surprise,,,steak and kidney pie;

    The likely suspects..(with some cheapo top side)

    Whilst I was waiting for my Strawberry & Rhubarb jam to come together;

    I dressed em and gave em a little milk bath

    Cut it all up fine.....1/4" max....(remember that this is one handed food!)

    Browned and stewed onion, carrot, heart & kidney in some beef stock, worschty sauce and red wine, with a touch of mace, cumin and cinnamon for around an hour

    Then made pies!

    And it was good!

    It was perfect ( in my world) The heart was just like steak, the kidney was tender but still had a nice mild kidney flavor...I shouldn't have bothered with the top steak!.

    The only down side is that a heart & two kidneys only made 5 pies!

    ...scratch that..

    4 pies
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    Brilliant[​IMG],great skill [​IMG].

    The pie refuses to die here despite the best efforts of "damn yuppies" trying to get us to eat supposedly healthier food.

    In fact they have had a spike as people make pies with better fillings than the ones you get at the footy,doused in tomato sauce,eaten one handed while yelling "get them onside ref!"

    I love the fact you went with heart.Its stupidly underrated here.
  3. So different and fun for me to see! Great job! Cheers! - Leah
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking meal Dingo! I don't know if I'd call those one handed eating pies though! If  I tried easting one of those driving down the road I'd have the bulk of it all over me and the steering wheel!!!

  5. dingo007

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    Thanks Moikey...I used to travel all over NSW & QLD when I worked for a mining company and made a point of searching out pie joints. Back then a "Fancy" pie was Steak & Cheese or Potatoe and Pea...steak & kidney wasn't that popular.  These new age teryaki duck bill and monkey tail pies are too busy for me. I like em simple. And I doubt that the simple pies will ever die!
    Thanks should experiment with some of the awesome seafood you've got handy to you!
    Thanks hand pie eating is requires great skill and much practice/eating of pies. Wearing one is an occupational hazard[​IMG]
  6. moikel

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    I don't like the fancy smancy ones either. Great pie shop next to Bunnings in Nowra always got tradies utes parked outside it. I always knew where to find my local plumber,Hippo,at about 11 am.[​IMG]  Beef & guiness, chicken & mushroom about as far left field as I will go.

    EXCEPT when in Hobart where you can get a scallop pie.What a thing of beauty[​IMG],white sauce ,touch of curry powder in some.Had one everyday for 5 days last trip.

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