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  1. A am not entirely new to smoking meats, I used to have an sfb vertical cabinet type, I think it was a new braunsfeld.  It burned out several years ago, and I have been using my gas grill that has a built in but tiny insulated smoker in it.  after some persuading with the missus she agreed to do the look into it thing to find a larger model.  then she finally just said "so how much is a good smoker?"  I gave her some numbers and she decided I should replace my stolen welder and get to building.  I am not going to profess to be a master fabricator, nor welder but have done both as hobbies for years.  that being said I have a terrible habit of not wanting to over spend on something if can be avoided.  To that end I have comprised most of the parts and pieces needed to build my new smoker for the grand sum of $25 thus far.  it has a 24 x 24 x 30 tall CC with an over sized FB 19x19x28.  I am cursed with an over active imagination and always see the next change or modification.  I recently started reading posts and found out about the calculators on here to get the proper sizes.  I was actually pretty close just going off my gut but will make the adjustments soon and try it out again.  I currently use charcoal for heat and wood for flavor, and have experimented with tons of types over the years.  I normally prefer mesquite for beef, and hickory, pecan or fruit for pork.  I make my own sauce, as I'm not big on the "Carolina" style.  we prefer Georgia or KC types in my house.  Sorry this is so long, I am addicted to smoking meat, and all related things and can talk about them for days on end. 
  2. Welcome to the site, glad you joined up. I'll let you in on a little secret "We are all addicted to smoking" so you are in the right place.

    Gary S

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