Something new to do with your left over bacon ends

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by jeff 1, May 15, 2011.

  1. jeff 1

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    I usually use my bacon ends for beans but I had more ends saved up in the freezer then we are able to go through for beans alone at my house.  I figured I needed to use some up before they got freezer burn and I had this idea the other day about what to use them for.  I pulled a pound of ends from the freezer,  went and bought some arm roasts on sale at the market.  I took about 3lbs of arm roasts, trimmed off fat cap and gristle and then ground it with the pound of bacon ends.  Made big patties and tossed on the cast iron skillet,  and WOW[​IMG].  Best burgers I have ever had.  They did not cook down one bit and were nice and juicy with a good smoke flavor from the smoked bacon,  tasted like they were just pulled from the smoker.  The bacon flavor was all in the meat. All I added to the meat was pepper and garlic since the salt was already in the bacon ends. 

    Now I need to start makeing more bacon so I can stock up on more ends[​IMG]
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    Bacon rocks!

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    Sounds delicious, but[​IMG]
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    sorry to say, BUT  X3
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    Ok here is some of the bacon the ends came from.  I didnt take pics of grinding beef and ends together last night
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    Nice looking bacon.  Many uses for bacon ends.  Good mixed in some sausages too!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. alblancher

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    When the cupboard is bare I have been know to take bacon trimmings, saute with onions and just serve over a plate of rice.  I think you can take bacon and add it to just about anything and come up with good eats. 

    You're kind of making bacon burgers with the bacon on the inside, making a cheap cut of meat delicious.  Good job, oh and the bacon pics you  posted are awesome..

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