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    Always looking for something different I came across a recipe on another forum for Thai Baby Back Ribs.  The poster indicated the recipe came from "The Great Ribs Book" by Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison, so props to them.


    6 cloves of garlic minced

    1 TBS lime zest

    8 Serrano peppers minced including seeds

    4 small green onions, green and white parts minced

    1/4 cup cilantro sprigs

    2 TBS finely minced ginger root

    Juice from 3 limes

    1/2 cup rice wine vinegar

    1/4 cup Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce

    1 cup hoisin sauce

    1/4 cup honey

    2 TBS Dark Soy Sauce

    2 TBS vegetable oil (or similar flavorless oil)

    Marinate for up to 8 hours (I did mine overnight).  This made about 3 cups.  I used 2 to marinade and reserved a cup for basting and drizzling.  I had St Louis cut spares on hand so that's what we rolled with

    And now to the Q-View!!

    Here's the marinade:

    I only added about 5 serrano's being the wife is all of 9 months pregnant and dealing with 24/7 heartburn.  She said it could have easily used more, so next time I will go the full 8.

    Ribs all nestled into the marinade

    I wanted to see what the flavor was like on its own so I decided to go with no smoke and cook in the Weber kettle to just let the charcoal smoke slightly enhance it.  Set it up with the snake method and ran approximately 250-260.  Occasional baste of the marinade.

    Took about 5 hours to get to here.

    We made up a batch of fried rice for a side

    And the money shot!  Ribs drizzled with the marinade:

    We thought they were delish and a nice change from our normal traditional BBQ.

    Some takeaways:

    - Next time I will definitely add smoke to enhance the flavor and run them in my smoker.  I'm thinking cherry or alder

    - I think foiling with some of the marinade may do some good.  I will try that next time as well.

    - The recipe calls for 8 serranos.  I will definitely add that many next time.  The heat wasn't there like I'd prefer.

    - We used St Louis cut ribs, but I think baby backs would be the better call as the flavor profile of the marinade is strong.

    Thanks for the look!  Give these a try!
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    Looks tasty.   

    Nice job
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    Gonna try this. The wife filipina so this might bring back that comfort food feel for her. They love their ginger.
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    Yeah! I would eat that.
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    Thanks guys, I do highly recommend giving these a try
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    Love the look of that marinade!! I will be doing this soon.  Have 20 racks of baby backs to play with [on sale for 2.88lb]. thanks for the recipe and the pic's.  Reinhard
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    No problem! Let me know how you like them!
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    Awesome man ! The marinade, cook on the ribs & the fried rice.... I have gotta try this for sure, :drool .... very cool ! Thumbs Up
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    My very first job was as a kitchen helper in a Japanese steakhouse. I can cook some fried rice! LOL

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