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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by poppafinch, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Just made a trade from a friend for this beauty, but have a couple of questions for the masses. My biggest concern right now is the rust build up on the bottom of the cook chamber.

    Should I wire brush it then paint using high heat bbq paint? The rack you see that's also showing rust, is not a cooking rack but more of a "drip pan/water pan" shelf, so no food will be in contact with that shelf. Basically is it safe to use the bbq paint on the interior of the cook chamber? OR, is there a better solution for removing the rust and keeping it from coming back?  

    Also, looking at the pictures I'm posting, do any of you have any suggestions for tweaks or mods that are obvious? My plan this weekend (weather dependent) is to have a trial cook without meat to determine leaks and seal up what I can, and to also determine the "hot/cold cook zones" and then do my best to make changes to even those out. First thing I will do is seal the doors with high temp RTV, then weld on a little shelf for my remote thermometer, and possibly add another latch to keep the door closed tighter (if needed). Those were the few obvious things to me.

    Thanks for taking your time for help and advise!  


  2. WOW!  You can have some fun with that!

    MY OPINION!  Just an opinion.Exterior: wire brush, sand blast or whatever to get rid of the rust.  Then high temp paint.

    Interior:  wire brush, sand blast or whatever to get rid of the rust.  Then treat as a new BBQ/Smoker.  Wipe, rub, spray with cooking oil and then build a fire in it.  Cool it down and repeat the next day. Get that oil into the "pores" of the metal.  2-3 times and then start using it as normal.  The natural build up of oil and fat will protect the interior.

    Well; that is how I would do it.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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  3. What Danny said.;)
  4. bilgeslime

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    Looks like fun. what did you trade?
  5. joe black

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    I fully agree with Danny. Brush the rust off of everything, paint the outside and season the inside.

    Good luck with your new project. Post some pics and let us know how it's going.
  6. poppafinch

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    You guys are great! Thank you for your input and advise. That was the direction I was leaning but needed confirmation. I didn't think it would be a great idea to paint the inside, but figured I'd ask anyway. Headed to the store to pick up some vegetable oil and spray bottle tonight. I got all the wire brush, and paint stuff already. Thanks again all. I'll post up pics when I'm ready to smoke!

    Oh, and I traded an old 49cc motorcycle and a helmet for this monster of love! Pretty sure I got the good end of that deal...haha.

  7. davidski

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    another option is seasoning the outside of our smoker. My trailmaster lasted 7 years with the only rust being on the wheels. High temp oil season the inside and out every other time you use it. 
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