Some more buckboard bacon in process starting today. Flavor Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by msuiceman, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Going to pick up a couple pork shoulders and make some more variations of buckboard bacon. Going to do a couple varieties, going to add maple syrup to one, coarse black pepper to another. Any suggestions for other variations?

    And as a bonus, our local market has great looking shoulders for .99/lb! Its going to be a good day. In 9 days I'll pull it from its curing bag, rinse, then onto the smoker! Will update with pics once I get this thing going.

    15 or maybe more lbs of bacon in the freezer (my last batch was 7 lbs as a trial, and between us eating some and everyone taking a little to try we are almost out already), should be good for quite a while. Maybe I'll slice some pretty thin and try to make a fattie out of it.

  2. ugh, in looking at the roasts, only one was really suitable for BBB..... so I will have to thaw out another one I have in the freezer or maybe swing by their other market to get a nice big whole one at that price (most of the ones at their smaller market were cut in half, if not thirds).
  3. just put one medium, one small butterflied shoulder on the cure. simple 1/2oz of TQ and 1.25 tsp per pound brown sugar. I'll add maple syrup to the big one in a couple days, and add LOTS of coarse ground black pepper to the other one also.

    have them in big ziplocs in the fridge. will flip daily for 8 days. its a bit overkill as to the thickness, but I feel it ensures that the cure gets all the way through it.
  4. Needs pics right?



    Not too much to see yet. Sunday they will meet some smoke. Maybe add maple syrup soon?
  5. starting to firm up... should be good to go on sunday.
  6. in the smoker today... so far:

    first two hours smoke but no heat (it still was 110 chamber temp because of my smoker being black and it being hot and sunny today)

    now its smoking chamber temp at 170.... will pull at 149 degrees.

    eager to see if the maple syrup really imparts any flavor or not. the other has the simple garlic and heavy black pepper treatment.

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