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  1. Decided to make 10lbs of jerky. I made two different types...HEAVY BLACK PEPPER and smoked serrano, anaheim and jalapeno pepper jerky.

    Sam's had the roast about $1.00/lb off, so I snagged 'em and cut 'em up.

    And the final results...



    ~5lbs of eye of round, round roast sliced with grain.
    1/4 c brown sugar
    3 tbsp fresh ground pepper (cracked would be good too?)
    1 tbsp seasoning salt
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp cure #1
    splash of Worcestershire sauce

    In a large bowl, mix well. Place in 1 gallon zip lock and let marinade for a min of 12 hours (I went 40).

    3 PEPPER
    ~5lbs of eye of round, round roast sliced with grain
    1/4 c brown sugar
    1 tbsp of seasoning salt
    1 tbsp of smoked anaheim pepper (homemade)
    1 tbsp of chipotle pepper (homemade)
    2 tsp of smoked serrano pepper (homemade)
    1 tsp cure #1

    In a large bowl, mix well. Place in 1 gallon zip lock and let marinade for a min of 12 hours (I went 40).

    Smoked for 1 hour at 140*F then raised to 170*F for 3.25 hours using hickory (I really liked the maple I used last time, so I will most likely use it next time.) Pull off smoker when the texture meets your preference...I like mine just a little chewy!

  2. werdwolf

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    Oh my, that looks good!!!    [​IMG]
  3. dward51

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    Yes sir indeed.  Mighty fine looking product there.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    The 3 pepper Sounds Smokin good! Love the heat!
  5. acemann

    acemann Newbie

    I have a bunch of minute steaks I don't know what to do with (I can only make so much chicken-fried steak). Can I use that for jerky?
  6. roger davis

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    Looks REALLY good !! A couple of questions. Why do you slice it WITH the grain as opposed to against the grain. I always sliced mine against. Any benefit to going with? Also, How thick do you slice it? 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" ?

    Thanks for the recipe,  I'm going to try the 3 pepper. It sounds great tasting.

  7. Dave,
    The cut is a texture/chewiness thing. I like it chewier, so I cut with the grain, for pieces with less chewiness, cutting against the grain works's just a preference! I cut 'em about 1/4" I don't like them longer than 4-5" as they're tougher to seal in the vacuum sealer bags so I make them 1/4"T x 4-5"L x ~1"W, again, it's all preference?! What's great is the basic recipe is the meat, salt and cure everything else is "to taste" So if someone wanted peanut butter flavored jerky...add 1/8c of peanut butter...also, having used kits and my own recipes, I ALWAYS add the 1/4c of brown sugar, it's adds the right amount of sweet, without being too noticeable (plus when bagged/sealed it makes a nice glaze that's pleasing to the palate)

    Acemann...Any cut of meat would work, you want to remove as much fat as you can! Any fat left behind will go bad much faster, that's why there's 'better' cuts for jerky! When I have elk meat I use any/all I have for jerky...of course the meat is much, much leaner to begin with!

  8. Nice job with great pictures; I can't wait to try it out!
  9. looks great. i saw yesterday they had round on sale here. jerky is the first thing that came to mind. i bet i at least buy some. might take a while to get to it. i have bacon in cure now. that is about ready to smoke.

    happy smoken.

  10. David,

    I'm getting the itching to make some bacon...I might hit you up soon? Ironically, bacon is not my favorite! I've just never gotten to the point of loving it...I eat it and enjoy it, but could go w/o! The wife makes a rash of bacon a week, then proceeds to eat it over the week with breakfast, I can months without bacon! Now jerky...that's another story!

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  11. I have used deer minute steaks for jerky, got to be careful there is a very short time between tender chewy and dryed hard as a board.


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