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    Alot of folks here have bought the AMNPS for the Masterbuilt smoker.  The problem that alot of folks have is, having the pellets burning consistently and having that thin blue smoke (TBS) that we all fantasize about.  There are equally hundreds of threads complaining about the AMNPS not working properly and threads on how to make it work. 

    I've owned the AMNPS for a few years now and have never been consistent with getting a good smoke from it. Now, this is not a criticism of our good friend Todd.  He's a great business man and will allow folks to call him cell phone with questions on using the device.

    I've been smoking for a bit more than a decade and I take pride in my smokes.  But I've never been consistant in using the AMNPS until now.  I read a thread from a Newbie who posted about successfully smoking some wings.  In his post, he recommended having the light pellets on the inside of the smoker.  Guess what, he was 100%.  Right now, I got the smoker going using his advice and that AMNPS is burning like I've never seen it before.  After all these years, I've gotten that TBS going.  Heck, my neighbors dog has been barking like crazy because the entire cul-de-sac smells like that sweet Pitmaster's Choice.

    For all ya'll who are struggling with the AMNPS, I suggest using Todd's recommendation of getting the device lit and then inserting the device, with the lit end closest to the pull out drawer.  Please see my pics.

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