SOLD: Yoder loaded Cheyenne: less than 1 year old

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    I'm selling my Yoder loaded Cheyenne offset smoker.  Its less than a year old...but I just don't have the time to fire her up all that often.  It has the heat management plate, charcoal basket, cooking grates for both boxes, the thermometer probe port and the Yoder cover (small rip in the side, no big deal).  I keep it covered whenever not in use.  When I ordered it from Yoder, it was around $1350 plus shipping.  Asking $850.  Local pickup only.  This thing is a beast, so you will need a low trailer with ramps or a pickup with ramps and a couple more guys to push it up the ramps.  I'll help load of course.

    I'm in the NW Chicago suburbs.
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