Sold the MES 30 & Bought a Weber Kettle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by usaftrevor87, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. usaftrevor87

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    So I really enjoyed using the MES with AMPS mail box mod for starting out with my smoking. It was great for trying to figure out recipes and experimenting, but I wanted to try the challenge of using charcoal. So since I needed a new charcoal grill, so I figured what the hay, I got 2 birds lets see if I can kill'em with 1 stone.

    After doing a lot of research and waffling between a charcoal smoker or charcoal grill with smoking capabilities... I decided to get the Weber Premium Kettle and the Smokenator... Then I did a little more research (because I am one of those annoying people) and settled on the Slow N sear by Adrenaline Barbecue Company instead of the Smokenator. 

    Has anyone used one of these Slow N Sears before? Any tips? It is a fairly new product, and I read a great review by but thought I would reach out to the pro's here. Thanks in advance!products/cab8
  2. Welcome to the dark side....charcoal. [​IMG]
  3. jp61

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    In case you're not aware, KBB charcoal is on sale right now. Stock up!

    Just picked up another 4x2bags.

    My 40" MES probably hates me by now. It's been a long while since she's seen any action but, will be cold smoking soon!

    Sorry can't help you with the Slow N Sear.
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  4. noboundaries

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    Congrats on the most versatile backyard appliance on the planet IMO!

    The Slow N Sear is a relatively new contraption.  The Smokenator worked for teaching me what I needed to know to smoke and control temps.  The Slow N Sear is a better engineered design IMO whether you use water or not.   

    Definitely stock on the KBB.  Half price at Home Depot and Lowes.  Get enough to last you all winter if you can smoke/grill where you are located once the days grow short and cold.  The Kettle is a charcoal sipper.  I averaged less than 20 lbs a month using it for smoking every weekend. 

    Have fun!
  5. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    I was at Home Depot today and picked up a 2 pack. What does a bag normally run? I don't know if our HD has put them on sale yet??
    Ih just a HUGE kudos to ABC customer service. I ordered my Slow N Sear at like 6pm last night & it was shipped today & will arrive in 2 days! Thats fast!
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  6. Good KBB sales are usually 2 bags(18.8 or 20 lbs each) for under $10. 

    Home Depot has had them on sale since last week. It should run through Labor Day or while supplies last.
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  7. mori55

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    I'm telling u right take weber back and get the Akorn Kamado smoker / grill.
    I have the mes 40 by and it's nice and the weber kettle for 8 years. But I just wish I had bought a Kamado years ago , I would of never gotten anything else. I can smoke for 12-15 hrs easy on one load of lump and still have plenty leftover. Never came close on the kettle and I've used every method. Plus I can high temp seat on it. Plus the Akorn is about 300.00 and you can get them on sale for 250. Very easy to keep the temp set. Anyone want to buy my mes 40 blue tooth :)
  8. mori55

    mori55 Fire Starter

    I've been the smoke smokinator route , seriously before you buy go on you tube and check the Akorn out. Or big green egg in your rich. I never understood the love affair with Kamados until I got one. Seriously I'm not bulling you.
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  9. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    I know kamado fans are really loyal & I can't argue with you since I never used one, but i had to sell the MES in order to go the Weber route. See my Chief Financial Officer says I have too many hobbies between wine making, distilling, fishing, photography, etc... It can get kind of expensive, so she had to put her foot down sometime. And since I bought the weber at an over stock auction my whole setup cost bout $160 (including the Slow N Sear). I don't know if I coulda convinced the wife to blow another hundred plus all the accessories.
    Have you used the Slow N sear before?

    Also my HD doesn't have the double bags that low yet. Dang it! I think I paid $15 for 2 KBBs.
  10. It's that time of season to find Akorns dirt cheap... people have found them under $100 if you are patient. 

    I agree - go Kamado if possible. It's basically cheating how easy it is to smoke on them.
  11. chopsaw

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    Nothing wrong with a Weber kettle . Weber makes the charcoal baskets ( mine came with 2 ) that sets up for  indirect cooking and searing . 
  12. krex1010

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    I hear lots of Acorn/bge love, I know you can drop a single lit match into one and smoke a 15 pound brisket and bake a cake, and cook pizza. They seem nice.

    That being said, the weber kettle is tried and true, it's easy to use, its extremely versatile and is as durable as any cooker out there with practically no maintenance. I have weber kettles that are 20+ years old. I never buy anything more that the $99.00 standard. You can buy 2 or 3 kettles for the price of an acorn. Think about how much much versatility that gives you. Plus there are more mod kits available for a weber kettle, there's the smoke kits, the extender kits, etc. the kamodos are nice and there's certain things they do better than a weber kettle......but there's things a weber will do better too. You will not be disappointed with either, but I'd have gone the same route as you.
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