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  1. I pretty much make my Jerky the same every time. The only thng that might change is what kind of soda I have in the fridge. this particular time i had sierra mist cranberry. Its a seasonal soda they put out for the Holiday's. Ive used orange, cherry pepsi, and cherry dr pepper. 1/2 c worchestarshire sauce, 1/2 c soy, I reduced the soda by about half and threw some sliced Cherry Bomb peppers from the garden in there. I strained off the Cherry bombs when pouring my reduction into the soy and spice mix. cherry bomb Peppers pretty darn hot imo. This jerky had great heat. I used hickory chips on this smoke. around 150 degrees thanks for stopping buy.

  2. 1T cayenne, 1T gran. garlic, 1T onion powder, 1T smoked chili flake, 1T chili powder and I let all this marinate over night
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    looks good chopsThumbs Up
  4. Thanks for lookin Dog!

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