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  1. I've read a lot of instructions on the curing process and pretty much all of em say to soak your bacon after curing for a couple hours. Why?

    Is it to reduce saltiness?
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  3. I was gonna say.  I thought that was what it was
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    You shouldn't have to soak it for a couple hours.

    I soak mine for a half hour most of the time just to get the surface salt off.

    Then I do a test fry, to see if it is too salty.

    So far with using Tender Quick, I have never had to soak longer to get rid of salty taste.

    The only time I ever soaked because of a salty taste was when I used Hi Mt Cure & Seasoning.

  5. meateater

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    I think your saying to soak the bacon for a few hours after the curing process..... sometimes you need to soak a few times with fresh water. But yes that's the norm. [​IMG]
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    The fry test is the key.  Bacon is salty by nature, but your taster determines how you like it.

    I rinse mine carefully, then fry test.  With Tenderquick, I usually don't have to soak unless I let the curing process go too long.  I have more trouble with commercial corned beefs for pastrami.  I soak them pretty good.

    Again, the fry test will give you a good guide.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Exacatically!  [​IMG]
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    I brine cure the bacon here..

    They come out of the brine after a week, rinsed, patted dry, covered with whatever I spicing with and into the fridge.

  9. venture

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    Dedicated fridge for brining.  Some people have all the luck, Craig!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Grace your wife with the convenience of a modern, up-to-date appliance; cold, fresh drinking water from the front of the door, a selection of ice formats to enhance the quality of her beverages, more spaciousness for her to explore the fine points of her culinary skills, new, easy-to-clean surfaces, ... you can go on and on to the benefits of a new fridge.. as long as you find a spot out in the garage for the old one, you're in like flint![​IMG]
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    A wise and experienced husband to give me guidance.

    The purpose is to enhance her enjoyment of life rather than getting me a dedicated fridge.


    Good luck and good smoking.

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