So, why did they ship these casings in "juice"

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ribwizzard, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. All the ones Ive seen so far have been dry and  packed in salt,( have to soak for hours to get them soft) but these I ordered from butcher packer came in "Juice". 

    How do most of yall get yours?

    Shipping in Juice didnt work out very well. Nothing but a stinky dripping mess when I got it.

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    Hmmm, that is a mess....looks like damage in shipping? Sorry, I have not had occasion to use any from these mail order I'm leery of what you might get. The casings I've used are from Hi-Country out of Lincoln Mt and so far I've been OK with both the hog casings and collagen ones. Probably a little more expensive than buying in bulk but have lasted quite some time for me. Packed in salt & vac-packed. I open and put in a Mason jar with salt & water.
  3. Every one from Butcher Packer I've ever ordered are packed in salt. That sure looks/sounds like a shipping issue.
  4. No, inside this cardboard box was a bag full of casings in liquid that even says keep refrigerated.  I dont know how you can ship something to Florida in summer on a UPS truck that should be refrigerated?????? And as soon as something was sat on top of it, it busted the bag and soaked the cardboard box.

    Am I wrong? If they are fresh casings in liquid and have been in a hot truck 3 days, they would be spoiled even if the bag had not busted, Right?
  5. Here is a pic of the bag, most of the Juice is probably still in the UPS truck.   Would everyone agree that it would not be safe to use these?

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    Hey rib..... settle down and take a deep breath.. If they came from B&P you got a quality product... I emphasize to people to get casings packed in a salt solution so what you have is a good thing in my opinion...... Was the bag broken or is the solution in tact... if the bag is broken then I would return them.. if the bag is good your ok, Before you stuff take them out and place them in a bowl of water and remove what you want to use and place them in another bowl of water and rinse them for about 2 hrs until they become soft and white..... take the un used casings and place them back into the salt solution and store. if you want to replace the salt sojution use 1 cup distilled water and 1/2 cup of non iodized salt and store........
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    Who put the pineapple juice in my pineapple juice?       ~       WC Fields
  8. It's not just liquid, it's saturated brine.
    It's loaded with salt, they're well preserved, they'll stay good for years that way.

    Having said that, Syracuse Casings stopped selling casings in brine not too long ago because of the problem with leakage.

  9. The bag busted and "brine " has leaked out.  Just a small hole, but still.

    Im just dissapointed, they do look like they were a good quality, but the bag clearly states to keep refrigerated, and with a hole in the bag, how can I feel safe about using them?  Also, I bought meat to make sausage this week and now have no casings.  

    I went ahead and ordered some pre-tubes ones from sausage maker last night, but wont have them till next week. I actaully found out that the pic on Amazon wasnt Butcher packers product, but a pic from Sausage maker that Butcher packer used to sell his product on Amazon.
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    You only need to keep them refrigerated after you receive them. When I get my casings from B&P they come double bagged with some thermal protection....  I would feel safe using them.... They still are salted and saturated. I don't think those casings are from B&P....... You need to buy direct... place them in a bowl of water, separate what you need, return the casings to the bag or a mason jar with 1/2 cup distilled water and 1/2 cup non iodized salt. Soak your casings you going to use in a bowl of fresh water changing the water every hr until they become silky soft........

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  11. I have to agree with the others. I just found out this summer that our locker plant sells hog casings in liquid brine like someone posted.

    They keep them in a cooler so if that makes any difference, I don’t know. After talking to the owner, I was told that those in the brine are a higher grade of casings and more for the commercial packers. I found out that this place had been using those in the smaller bags of brine for years but purchased a commercial stuffer so now they purchase the same type casings in bulk brine that are on a tube type roll for faster loading.

    I had asked about shipping the casings and seasoning and found out that this place in the next town ships them all the time. If the bag was open, you could return them. Most shipping is insured. I think they would be ok but that's just me....
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  13. Butcher packer has already refunded my money.  so I dont have any problem with them at all anymore.

    My biggest problem Is getting good quality casings.  I believe that these were excellent quality before they were shipped, but that doesnt do me any good if I cant get my hands on them with the bags busting open.

    Back to the drawing board and we will see what happens with the ones from sausage maker I ordered.
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    Check out localy where you live for  casings.  I would think that there is a grocery store or meat shop around that sells casings. I buy casings here in meat  markets by the hank all the time, and smaller amounts in grocery stores when i need some.  I checked on line and the prices are about the same.  Reinhard
  15. Im probably going to have to get with the butchers in Tampa, its hard to find a good meat market in Orlando, its like a whole other world over here.  Im also flying up to Charlotte N.C. in two weeks and I'll look around up there as well.
  16. I kind’a thought they would refund your money. Sure don’t pay for them to have you ship them back. I just talked to the guys at our locker plant, they ship their meats world wide and if someone wanted casings, they’ll partly freeze the bag and then ship them priority mail. Some one goofed where you bought yours. Maybe they shipped them frozen and they started to thaw on the way. It’s too bad about the delay in your process but glad things worked out for you end the end.

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    Around here, the only ones I have found are the Homepack variety. Have heard some not so good things about them, so I ordered some from Syracuse Casing.
  18. When I called Sausage Maker, the first thing I asked is are the casing shipped in salt or a solution. They told me all are shipped packed in dry salt.

    Your probably right Old Bones, and freezing the bag might have been what originally busted it.  And maybe shipped to another state would not have neen a problem, but its too hot in Florida to do that. Its been running around 92* in the afternoons here lately, Id hate to see what the temp is inside the back of those UPS trucks.
  19. I finally received my pre tubed casings from the "sausage maker", they arrived in good shape , shipped in a nice plastic jar. Even got a cool catalog with lots of pics to look at. Happy now!

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