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    You use an aluminum roaster to do a lot of your smokin'?  I'm not talking about crutching.  I'm talking about using a roaster pan right from the start.  I guess it's not truly smokin', more like roasting on a smoker.  So.........what.......Roakin'?  I've done it with salmon, whole chickens, and a port butt.  Basically I'm just moving all my personal recipes from the oven to the smoker but cooking at a low temp with smoke.

    I've always been one to find a use for my drippin's, au jus, and pan scrapings when I roasted meat in the oven or on the gas grill.  Makes great gravy and soup additions.  Been doing the same with crutching juices before I even knew it was called crutching.  I'm finding I get all the same flavor smokin' in an aluminum roaster pan and my juices are not all dried out from a drip pan. 

    I did salmon again last night, one of our favorite quick meals on the smoker.  Put down a bed of brown sugar in the roaster.  Oiled the skin side of the salmon then laid each fillet on the sugar bed.  Drizzled each fillet with decent amount of soy sauce and rubbed it into the meat.  Did the same then with the olive oil.  Used a blood orange infused olive oil for the first time (amazing stuff).  Then sprinkled each fillet with kosher salt then topped with more brown sugar.  Into the smoker at 215 with HEAVY smoke for 90 minutes.  Used mesquite chips (extra smoke) and wood chunks on the hot charcoal.  

    When done served on a bed of brown rice and spooned the sweet juices over the top of each fillet. Usually I just use olive oil when I make the recipe but last night was the first time I used the blood orange olive oil.  It added an incredible hint of flavor to the salmon that mixed beautifully with the sugar. 

    The pics below are prepped then smoked.......roasted.........roaked!

    Simple to make.  Great taste.  Smiling faces.

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    I think it's called "not making a big mess inside your smoker"!

    Nothing wrong with using a pan and if it's not covered than the smoke is still getting to the food and you are still smoking!
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    I would call it "simmering" or "Boiling" if the food sits directly in the liquid.

    I'm with you on the drippings.

    I always use a drip pan but don't allow the meat to sit in the liquid.

    But no matter what anyone calls it, if you call it Fun, that's all that matters.
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    Agree 100%!! I put a wire rack underneath to keep the meat up a little bit out of the liquid. This works terrific . :grilling_smilie:

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